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Street Fighter II's Bonus Stage: Live Action Spectacular

Posted by Damien McFerran

How to destroy a car in just over a minute

Remember the bonus stage in Capcom's Street Fighter II where you had to rip a car to bits within a set time limit using nothing but your fists and feet (and a few fireballs if you were Ryu and Ken, of course)?

As far as vehicular violence was concerned it was pretty sweet, but we also thought it was a bit unrealistic. Surely no one could actually do that.

How wrong we were.

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Pegasus said:

Wow. That guy has some serious muscle. I know I couldn't do that without severely hurting myself.



TwilightV said:

I hope nobody's calling that stunt at the end a Hadouken. Because it was more of a Ha-Durr-Ken.



Kokstra said:

I'd be scared to death if I saw that guy coming at me in the parking lot



Damo said:

Damn. I knew I'd gotten the phrase wrong in that caption.



Knux said:

LOL,this video is hilarious. However,was he breathing fire at the end of the video? I don't think so!



madgear said:

He should have done the Final Fight car smash - it's a lot easier with a lead pipe...



greyelephant said:

At some points he has this look on his face like "crap that hurt more then I thought it would"! LOL!



dizzy_boy said:

be warned. new parking violations officers are now working in your area.
seriously though, that`s one tough MF.



Ricardo91 said:

Jeez. It takes some real strength to dismember a car like that with your bare hands.



Noire said:

Any guy who can emulate Ryu in real life is a winner in my book.

Now all we need is some guy who can stretch his limbs out like Dhalsim. That would be really awesome.



Slapshot said:

Sweet. I mean I would have done it bare handed and all but hey good try dude.

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