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Thu 11th Jun 2009

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Gamebits commented on You Can Stop Waiting for Worms: Battle Islands...:

The product's Web site says, "Today THQ announced Worms Battle Islands for Wii. Worms Battle Islands is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to battle across 6 unique and custom designed levels as they take control of and customize their islands."

Six levels?



Gamebits commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

I played a ton of F-Zero 64 in college, to the point where I would always come in first. I set a new challenge of seeing how many fellow racers I could destroy before crossing the finish line. The best score was coming in first out of one.

Somehow, I have almost no memories of the GameCube sequel. I'll have to revisit it this evening. Thanks for the motivation!



Gamebits commented on Review: Another World (Super Nintendo):

I loved this game and was disappointed by how short it was and at how inaccessible the sequel was. The original is available for Windows at, but I'll probably never get to play Heart of the Alien.