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Luigi WAS in Super Mario 64

Posted by James Newton

For a bit.

Shigeru Miyamoto's been harping on about a multiplayer Mario for ages, but in a recent interview with he revealed there was planned to be two-player support for Super Mario 64, but that it was scrapped.

Miyamoto: With Mario 64, we had an experiment that took advantage of the idea of the screen growing larger and smaller depending on how far apart the characters were. So we had Mario and Luigi running around in that 3-D world, but we ended up not using it. Why did you decide not to use that Nintendo 64 game with Mario and Luigi?

Miyamoto: Ultimately, it’s the idea of processing speed and working within the constraints of the hardware. The DS Mario 64 had a mode with something similar to that, where you were playing with four characters.

And to think, a thousand playground arguments and fake cheats stemmed out of Mr Miyamoto's decision to scrap Luigi. How heartless can one man be?


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James said:

Just to cover our backs from another Monkey Board situation, that image is from a hacked ROM, not an exclusive screenshot of the original multiplayer Mario 64 that Miyamoto discusses in the interview.



TwilightV said:

@ Prosody: Of course it is. They obviously did the experiment long before they got as far in development as the screenshot shows.



Knux said:

AHA! So Luigi was in Super Mario 64! Maybe his data is still in the game...NOT!!



Noire said:

It's too bad they got rid of Luigi. I would have enjoyed having the multiplayer aspect in the game, and Luigi needed (and still needs) more representation. He's a lot more interesting than his brother.



Stevie said:

I used to find fake cheats very ammusing, crazy stuff like tap the X button 65 times to the tune of Jingle Bells to see Lara Croft naked in Tomb Raider. As for Luigi in Mario 64 the camera control wasn't great as it was i can only imagine having 2 players would have made this 10x worse.



Kid_A said:

The "Waluigi is/isn't in Mario 64 DS debate" was more annoying to me. Mostly because I spent two days trying to jump through an "invisible" hole in Peach's castle. I just always assumed Luigi was either not in Mario 64 or way too hard to unlock.



MetalMario said:

I thought Luigi was in there once, so I literally pressed the L Button 2041 times in front of that stone star.



LuigiandYoshifan said:

Why Nintendo? Why didn't you keep Luigi in SM64? I would be playing SM64 Every Day if you kept Luigi in there!



kUROBix said:

The plaque in the courtyard that says "L is real 2401 in paper M" means that luigi made an appearance in paper mario (n64) that was released on feb 4th 2001! 2/4/01!!! the same plaque appears in legend of zelda ocarina of time in dodongo's cavern!

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