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Chillingo Bringing Rolando Killer to WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Leading iPhone publisher sets its sights on WiiWare

If you’re anything like me then you are holding off buying an iPhone, the temptation is there but somehow you manage to resist and find a way to stay faithful to your crappy mobile phone, well at least for the time being! Seeing games that look as good as Rolando on the App Store makes it harder to resist though, this LocoRoco clone really does look the business.

All is not lost for stubborn gamers like me however as leading iPhone apps publisher Chillingo has announced that they are going to release a Rolando killer on WiiWare and iPhone with a 3D twist and downloadable levels.

In other news Chillingo will be publishing two former WiiWare games on the iPhone, both Toki Tori and Potpourrii are making the leap to Apple’s shiny must have gadget soon.

We’ll bring you more news on the WiiWare version of Chillingo’s Rolando killer as more information surfaces. Watch this space!


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Kenji510 said:

Cool!.. ill grab this game when it comes out!.. its just like Locoroco and its a fun game too.



KDR_11k said:

You're tempted to buy an iPhone? I just remember the pricetag (especially that of the associated contract, my phone runs on one 15€ prepaid card for a whole year) and think it's for people with way too much money.



City_Of_Delusion said:

I get the feeling the some developers are thinking that WiiWare = iPhone/iPod Touch.

Don't ask why, DSiWare would probably be closer to the iPhone.



Dazza said:

I'm tempted, but I am stubborn too! I know of at least 3 Nintendo Life staffers who have caved in though. They tell me it's the greatest thing since sliced bread



Corbs said:

I'm getting an iPhone in June when our phone plans renew. I've got a Macbook and an iPod, so it's the next logical progression.



Esposch said:

Heh, I've played an Ipod Touch. They're nothing to rave about. The controls in most games are terrible (No buttons, only a touch screen and a SixAxis- type thing), and the games are very simple and lose their fun-ness quickly, unlike a "proper" game on the DS like TWEWY or Elite Beat Agents. And yes, while the games are only AU$8-ish compared to AU$30 for a DS game, you'll probably get 10x the value from a DS game. Basically, you're better off spending the money buying 6 Wii games/10 DS games, or even (dare I say it) a PSP and a few games.




iPhone's are nothing to special IMHO. I've messed about with one on several occassions. I'm not tempted in the slightest.

Anyway, Rolando looks interesting. I'll need more infor on it before I would decide to radar it though...

If this is it, I'll radar it immediately.



Kawaiipikachu said:

There are actally a few decient games for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Wolfenstein 3d pinball dreams Sim City just the only thing is unfortanly that for every good app there's at least 10 rubish apps & at least 3 of them are fart apps.



Esposch said:

@ Kawaii
I know there are some decent iPhone/touch games. They just don't compare to good DS/PSP games. Plus while I haven't played Wolfenstein 3D, I can guarantee the controls would be rubbish, probably with an on-screen joystick thing. It's obvious that the iPhone wasn't designed for games, and while those ones you mentioned might be worth the price, they will never compare to TWEWY, Zelda or Patapon. Hell, probably every game on the App store is worse that DQ Heroes Rocket Slime, and that's $25 Aussie from EB games now (Buy it NOW Kawaii). And iPhone games aren't crafted with love like "proper" indie games either, like World of Goo, Aquaria and even 65 Million and 1 BC. Those games had years of polish and love, whereas iPhone games feel like pre-betas, you know what I mean? However, that being said, I'm sure someone will make an exception to that rule. Eventually...



PALgamer said:

There are more games from WiiWare on iPhone than the other way round (only can think of Crystal Defenders). Defend Your Castle, Equilibrio, Midnight Bowling/Pool, Pop, Tiki Towers, TV Show King, Wild West Guns, and Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam all there and are even cheaper. And with Toki Tori plus Potpourrii also going.



PALgamer said:

They got some nice games on the platform, you just need to go see what they offer. Even got Katamari with motion controls, that game should be on Wii!



Esposch said:

Yeah, but I'm sure Katamari on the PSP blows the iPhone version out of the water (not that I would know; I don't own either). Also, actually thinking about it, the horrible controls would kill Toki Tori.
Still, I would buy one if they were about $70 or something. Maybe.



aaronsullivan said:

Consider getting an iPod Touch if the price is off-putting. The controls ARE an issue but for non-joystick games it can be blissful. Uniwar is great, for instance if you like Famicom Wars style games. Even a traditional controls style game can be great fun, even if limited. For instance, iDracula. Wolfie 3D is fun, too, but that's because the gameplay was limited to begin with.

Saying that games are $8ish is WAY off. Most games are $1-$3 and only branded games go above that. The market expects an almost DS level of polish (if not game length) for anything over $5. It's true that it isn't a friendly environment to higher priced longer/deeper games.

Yes, there is a ton of garbage on there. Rolando is pretty good, but it has issues. Some people will love it though.

I got an iPod Touch as an unexpected gift a year and a half ago and I've been developing a game on it for awhile.

Downloading tons of free games allows you to find gems once in awhile and there is a ton of free stuff, some of it fun. DSi was a wise decision by Nintendo and I'd guess it was a direct reaction to the success of the iPhone.



AL3X_M said:

This does look interesting. Although maybe they should have developed it for DSi instead of WiiWare. Think Mobile first, then big screen.




The original Rolando was an amazing game according to my research. Hopefully this new wiiware release will be at least just as good.

Its physics based game, therefore it'd be better for the wii than dsi. Motion sensing tilt and all that.



rwq said:

If I read the post correctly this means that Chillingo are going to try to make something that is better than Rolando. Not that Rolando itself is coming to wiiware.

Rolando is a great game that i have been enjoying since it came. Ngmoco gave away some free levels for it recently too to celebrate the release of another game. Great game, great developers. However I don't want a "Rolando-killer" for Wiiware, I want Rolando!

Oh, and there are 25.000+ apps on Apple appstore, how many dsi-ware titles do we have?

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