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Mon 18th Aug 2008

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AL3X_M commented on New Rytmik Web Site Will Have You Nodding To I...:

This looks amazing! I'm definitely going to buy this when it releases, because I really want to be a music producer. The only thing that bites is that it probably won't have the ability to upload songs online or to a computer. And even if they did, there still might be the issue of the music samples being owned by Cinemax games, so it may end up being illegal to distribute anything commercially from this game if you wanted to. But God, the music capabilites are awesome for a DSiWare app!



AL3X_M commented on Nintendo Download: Clocks, Calculators, Pengui...:

Wow...Really Nintendo? Disappointing. They could have AT LEAST given us 1 game for the DSi...AT LEAST. Come on, seriously? They need to get good applications on there like Moving Memo. What's taking them so darn long? It's obviously not the translation because these calculators have been out long before we got the DSi outside of Japan...



AL3X_M commented on Made in Ore Gameplay Videos:

This is looking really fun, I want to make my own little micro-games. I'm not the best artist in the world but I can spend weeks on a thing like this, its looking good.



AL3X_M commented on Game Play Trailer - Bomberman 2 DS:

This looks really good, the first Bomberman DS I think I'll try/buy. I like that you get to customize your Bomberman and the different equipment you use will affect your gameplay, and since my friends may not have it as well, it would be cool playing classic bomberman on a single cartridge.



AL3X_M commented on More DSiWare Titles Revealed:

I'm getting really interested in these WarioWare micro-games being ported to nice-sized downloadable titles on DSiWare!

I think the only title that really caught my eye was Dr. Mario Express. I don't really think another "Master of illusion" game is necessary at this time. Like @Tails86 said, "I Want my Moving Note Pad RITE NOW". I think Nintendo is probably just having a little trouble finding a good name for it?



AL3X_M commented on Wii Sports Resort to Launch Internationally in...:

Looks like it'll be fun!

I just hope there aren't just a small selection of sports or activities, I hope there's more than just jet-skiing, sword-play, and frisbee toss (not that they aren't cool, I just don't want to pay $40 for 4 games).



AL3X_M commented on Review: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue T...:

I liked this game, got hooked, then I got off it for a while. I kinda wanna play it now, but I lack a DS(i).

I think if Nintendo brought the legitimate "Mystery Dungeon" series to the DS, it'd be a nice play as well.



AL3X_M commented on Get Ready For Even More WarioWare!:

This looks pretty exciting in my opinion. I'd love to make my own micro-games and share them with friends. I just hope it's more successful than Snapped, and is worth the 800 Nintendo Points.



AL3X_M commented on Bit.Trip Beat To Bring Classic Arcade Gameplay...:

This game looks very promising. The music sounds amazing! I always love 8-bit tracks, its like 00's electronic music played in video games from the 70's! I also hope along with slambert that this game is affordable. I have a feeling that it is going to overrate itself if it becomes more than 700 points.

P.S: They have the, full, 8-bit song from the trailer availible for download on their site!!



AL3X_M commented on Everybody's Theater Coming To Japanese WiiWare:

I'm sort of surprised if Nintendo won't even consider putting this out in the US. I don't know anyone who really has said they wouldn't like to use this channel or any other channel they already have in Japan. Why is renting TV programs and movies on the Wii terrible, but why is it good on Xbox Live Marketplace??



AL3X_M commented on Mobile Phone RPG Coming To WiiWare:

oooh character grapics look nice, like Pokemon Colosseum or Custom Robo Graphics. But I want to see it at least get an 8 for a review if it comes out in the states.



AL3X_M commented on Eternity's Child Demo Now Available!:

I downloaded the steam demo today and I really liked what I saw. I don't have incredibly high standards, I knew this was going to be a simple platformer. What drew me to playing the game and becoming interested in it though was the beautiful dark artwork you incorporated Luc, I really like Tim Burton stuff and it sorta made me feel like I was playing a video game made by him. The gameplay itself wasn't totally horiffic, definitly not a 1. It does need work though. I tried to jump on a ledge but it took a while to be able to get on it properly because I had to use the arrow keys to maneuver my way up. But please please please don't give up on this game man! It has great potential if you keep tweaking it up. I really hope the Wii-Ware version gets to be just as good as the steam one or better as long as some more tweaks are made. Maybe if you plan on adding the level-editor to the wii-ware one and being able to send your created levels to friends, it would be an awesome addition.