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Starfy Finally Coming to North America!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nintendo's unique platformer is finally making its North American debut in June!

For those of you who don't already know, Nintendo is finally bringing their cute little starfish Stafi to North American with the upcoming release of The Legendary Starfy on Nintendo DS. As you can tell, they've changed the little guy's name a bit, but he's still the same adorable starfish we've all grown to love over the years.

Up until now, the Stafi titles have remained a Japanese exclusive, with three Game Boy Advance releases and two Nintendo DS titles. The Legendary Starfy is actually the most recent Nintendo DS release in Japan and focuses on our little starfish embarking on a journey to help a mysterious bunny-eared creature locate his lost memory. Below is a snippet taken from Nintendo's official press site.

In The Legendary Starfy™ game, which launches June 8, players dive into a spectacular undersea adventure with Starfy, the legendary hero of Pufftop. Players swoop into enemies like a shooting star, glide over bottomless chasms and transform into powerful creatures to help a mysterious, bunny-eared visitor find his lost memory.

The game uses a unique combination of platforming and puzzle elements to create a challenging game play experience. The underwater physics of the game also add another unique element to the mix. Combine this unique game play system with a fairly lengthy quest and you've got a welcome addition to the DS library.

We just added 5 brand new screenshots of the game in action that you can check out below and as usual we'll have more information on the game as it becomes available, as well as a full review once the game is released.

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cheese said:

Starfy has too many names, Stafy, Starfy, Stafi, Starfi, why can't they just decide on one.



Metroid133 said:

Well this is good news since I'm more into getting DS games during the summer when I have access to more money. Not to mention I should have a brand new DSi to be played by that time.



Ark said:

Isn't it fitting that the owner of the ol' Salt Water Stafi posted this article? Hey, maybe some more"Starfy" fansites will pop up if this is a hit. Anyway, Stafy is quite possibly my favorite franchise and I've imported every installment in the series. This is my most anticipated title right now.

...I can't adjust to "Starfy." What happened to "Stafy," the name used in most of his North American cameo appearances?



Corbs said:

Isn't it fitting that the owner of the ol' Salt Water Stafi posted this article?

I know, the irony of it all! And Salt Water Stafi isn't gone yet. Just being reworked.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Old news, but hey, who cares!

I FINALLY GET TO PLAY STAFY (yes, I know its Starfy, but Stafy is more fun to say)



Corbs said:

I know, but I'm trying to stir up anticipation for the game. This game and the new Klonoa remake are at the top of my list of games I hope sell well so we might see more released. In fact, I might just post a news article about Starfy every week until it's finally released!



Ark said:


Really?! I'm looking forward to that then. Also, I'm wondering how much the other characters will have their names changed. I doubt "Kyorosuke" will stick.



Corbs said:

I keep checking Nintendo's press site to see if any specific information will be posted regarding the names and stuff. I'm curious to see what they change Kyorosuke to myself. I'm just happy it's finally coming to NA. Maybe at some point they'll bring the other releases over. I can always hope!



siavm said:

Is this series good? I import very little. And played few gba games.



Corbs said:

This is a great little series. If you do decide to import one of the GBA games, may I recommend Densetsu no Stafi 3. It's magnificent.



WolfRamHeart said:

Whether his name is Stafi or Starfy; this looks like a great game! It reminds me of Kirby! I first saw this game in old issue of EGM and I've been dying to play it ever since! I'm glad this year we are finally getting some Japanese exclusives like this and the just released Rhythm Heaven! Better late than never!



Corbs said:

It's more in the middle somewhere, as far as difficulty goes.



StarDust4Ever said:

Somebody here before had the starfy as their avatar, and I thought it was one of the N64 star spirits; shows how much I know



Chunky_Droid said:

Wait, I thought this was the first GBA game coming out, boo!

Not that I think the series is plot driven or anything, and Corb, I still remember your plush Starfy! My Bowser will take it on any day



Golgo said:

I've never played Staffy/Starfy/Stiffy but the sugar-factor looks set to rot my few remaining good teeth. Is it really as saccharine as it looks? (I've just finished Kirby Ultra DS and I'm all cuted out.)



Ricardo91 said:

A little late, but this is great news! I always wanted to play the Stafy/starfy series!

@Corbie. I'm also looking forward to the Klonoa remake. I bought Klonoa 2 the other day to prepare myself. I doubt it would sell well, given the series' history, but I hope does well enough to prompt Namco to not give up on the series. I'd love to see a Klonoa 3 on XBLA/PSN/DS.



Bensei said:

I'll always call him Stafy, but in america everyone would say Stayfy or so, that's why they called him Starfy, allthough it looks strange

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