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New Punch-Out!! Details

Posted by Stuart Reddick

With the release of Punch-Out!! rapidly approaching, new details are starting to emerge.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Punch-Out!! is the next big title from Nintendo. With its May release date fast approaching, new details are starting to emerge. With that, our friends at Nintendo Pad have compiled a list of noteworthy data that may appeal to you.

  • 13 boxers to beat.
  • Boxers include: Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Disco Kid, King Hippo, Bear Hugger, Don Flamenco.
  • Motion controls or classic control, and Balance Board compatible.
  • Head 2 head multi-player (Little Mac only).
  • Giga Mac in multi-player.
  • Giga Mac is activated through a “Giga” gauge next to your health bar, dodge and land punches to fill it.
  • Back story animations provide more information about the fighters.
  • Occasionally you will be rewarded a special animation with the last blow to your opponent resulting in a flashy finish.
  • Four modes: Career Mode, Exhibition Mode, Practice Mode, and Tutorial Mode.
  • Three challenges per boxer which if exacuted will reward you with unlockables
  • There will be a holographic boxer to practice on that never dies, which is there to learn patterns
  • Minor, Major, and World ranking organizations to compete in
  • A lot of unlockables including characters, ring environments, victory animations and music, among others
  • Will engage in training sessions
  • In Punch-Out!! when you are about to be knocked out occassionally the final punch will not knock you off your feet and you will be able to make a “come back”. This come back will also get the crowd on your side and is an additional gameplay element that may be small but will come in handy.
  • By completing a circuit, it changes Little Mac’s outfit (green, to blue, to etc…).
  • Use all three stars at once for a triple star spinning uppercut.
  • Ring size/venue changes from circuit to circuit.
  • Little Mac wears a helmet in the training session.
  • There will be specific challenges in Exhibition mode.
  • Camera zooms in as you beat up your opponent.
  • Pressing the minus button between rounds will regain health. This is allowed once per fight, you’ll see a visual confirmation of the button press when Doc Louis eats a chocolate bar.
  • Lose 100 times and earn the training helmet to make you invincible.
  • You can also tap 1 and 2 to regain health after being knocked down.
  • Depleted heart meter means you can’t punch.
  • Special mode unlocked after you beat the game.

Von Kaiser challenges:

  • Win the fight and land every punch thrown.
  • TKO Von Kaiser in under a minute.
  • KO Von Kaiser with only 5 punches.

Glass Joe challenges:

  • Knock him down three times, but let him win by decision.
  • Find the one-punch knockout.
  • Win a fight without dodging/blocking/ducking

Besides all this, Toys R Us has released some new details regarding the game, including the Title Defense Mode.

One of the biggest names in boxing returns after a fifteen year hiatus. Grab your Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers and step back into the ring with Punch-Out!! for the Wii console. Little Mac is back! The ultimate underdog and the best of the Punch-Out!! cast come to life in a modern re-imagination of the series. Glass Joe, King Hippo, trainer Doc Louis and your favorite cast of boxing misfits return for another round of title bouts. See the these boxers come to life in glorious cell-shaded 3-D, complete with hilariously fighting animations and back stories that capture all the fun and flair of the original Punch-Out!! Games. Are you up to the challenge of their new attacks and strategies?

Power Little Mac through match after match of motion-controlled upper cuts, body blows and hooks. Throw your punches to help him throw his. The motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers turn your real-life swings into on-screen punches, making this Punch-Out!! game one anyone can play. Optional functionality with the Wii Balance Board accessory (sold with Wii Fit) adds in active play dodging and ducking.

The game can also be played with classic NES-style controls, offering both newcomers and purists multiple ways to play. All new modes, including first-ever Head-to-Head fighting in the Punch-Out!! series and a challenging new Title Defense mode.

An all new multiplayer mode lets you box head-to-head against a friend for the first time ever in the Punch-Out!! Series. And, once players guide Little Mac to the championship in the single player game, they must defend the title in challenge matches against Mac’s fallen foes, who return to the ring with all new tactics, having learned from their defeats.


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Kittsy said:

Ugh, I have too many games to buy right now. This will add to that list...



timp29 said:

Looking forward to this one. Boxing in wii sports had sooo much potential, I hope it is a little more responsive. I hoped this was going to work with the advanced wiimotes in wii sports 2 or whatever they call it, but this isn't the case is it?



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, it seems they added a lot of depth to this game! While the variety of unlockables is definitely encouraging I'm still unsure if it will live up to the high expectations. I guess I'll probably wait for a review before buying it but it sure looks good! I still think Super Punch-Out is the best of the franchise but at least it looks like they are really trying to make it a real contender!



TwilightV said:

Don Flamenco = Awesome
If they just add Piston Honda, it'll be perfect (that's just my opinion).



Sean_Aaron said:

No MotionPlus support that I'm aware of.

Sounds like the first boxing game to use the limitations of the motion input properly, so I'm definitely interested.

Now when's this coming out in Europe?



MickEiA said:

Motion controls or classic control and Four modes Career Mode, Exhibition Mode, Practice Mode, and Tutorial Mode is tempting



Jockolantern said:

Sounds like the first two, only heftily beefed up. I'm even more excited for this game after reading these updates! All sorts of excellent goodies in this package, it would seem. Loads of challenges, unlockables, and overall Punch-Out!! goodness.



Kirk said:

I thought Doc was available in the multi-player mode?

Also, I'm more excited about this game than any other Wii game at the moment. The originals are classic and this new version looks like one of the most polished games on the system, in every respect.

I can't wait to give it a wee go see if it lives up to the standards set by the previous games in the series.



Hazuki said:

! finally something that makes me want to get it!

Balance Board Support!



Hardy83 said:

Wait, if you lose 100 times you get an invincibility helmet?

That sounds.....backwards.



Kirk said:

So the training helmet is basically the big padded thing boxers wear when training and it means you can't be hurt. Sounds interesting and I suppose it's for casuals who just want to complete the game but have had their ass handed too them one too many times and are probably near ready to give up anyway.

At least this way they can get to see the rest of the game and the endings maybe...



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

When interviewed by german GamePro, the game's director Kensue "Kenji" Tanabe said that there would be lots of unlockables ranging from the new suits to new challenges and boxers. He also claimed that they were first 1st party game to have problems with fitting all content into DVD (probably single-layered, but still).



Chunky_Droid said:

Wii Motion Plus would ruin this game.

I'm glad it's got 'achievements' of some sort, and that they actually unlock stuff, as opposed to having the benefit of having a bigger number next to your name (spoken from someone who couldn't give a crap about challenges that do nothing for you)

Getting this definitely the day it comes out!



MrPanic said:

I think the training helmet is the most brilliant way of saying 'YOU SUCK', lol.



Terra said:

I won't get this straight away as there is too much i want and too little money to spend (Need a job). Damm it, when i do get the money, i don't know whether i should invest in this or wait and get some 360 stuff instead. My collection for the 360 isn't much to shout at (Highlights include Sonic Unleashed, Lost Planet Colonies edition and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts), while my Wii is much more to shout out (From a Nintendo fans perspective).

Also, does this have Wi-Fi multiplayer? I heard it did from somewhere, but looking at the box art, it doesn't have the Wi-Fi logo and the descriptions don't say anything, so I'm highly doubting it will, which would be a shame.



Party_On_Dude said:

Well those new tibits are now enough to convience me this will be one MOST EXCELLENT Punch-Out game!!

Hmmm... let's see, so many games I still want to get:
ExciteBots comes out today = $50 to save!
Punch-Out to wait for = $50 more to save!
Wii Motion Plus in June & Wii Sports Resort bunled with Wii Motion Plus in July = $20 for 1 WM+ & $50 for the game & 1 more WM+... that's a total of $70!

That's so far $170... and I still need to want to get a DSi; (so I can have 2 DS systems & play multiplayer games, & the cool DSi camera & music capabilities)!

I would need at least $340 it grand total for all of them! Better start saving!



Objection said:

I'll be passing on this for now but it sounds pretty good. I wonder if 13 is a big enough enemy roster though.



timp29 said:

There are probably one or two more unlockable characters (I doubt Mike Tyson will make an appearance though lol) that they can't reveal.

@chunky-droid: I found wii sports boxing to be extremely annoying in terms of the motion sensor's interpretation of punches and dodging etc. I mean, I ended up mastering the wrist flick to throw specific punches as it was more successful than actually throwing a hook or uppercut. Also, you could punch too fast for the game to pick up. Anyway, why do you feel motion plus would be bad?



Chunky_Droid said:

@timp29: Wii Motion plus would be fantastic for Wii Sports Boxing, provided you had 2 WiiMotes both with WiiMotionPlus.

WiiMotionPlus would ruin Punch-Out!! purely because this isn't that type of boxing game, I believe Left Field nailed it when they said this was more of a puzzle game. The punches Little Mac throws need to be pre-animated for this to work, as swinging your arm forward would do the same as the A button would on the NES. It's more about working out your opponents patterns, and exploiting their weaknesses, rather than being a straight out boxing game of skill.

I hope that explains Punch-Out!! enough, it's definitely a strange one to explain to people lol



Kid_A said:

My most anticipated game EVER! Not even joking.

Oh, and title defense mode sounds like it'll add much replayability and challenge--both are good things.

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