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Slot Car Racing Coming To Japanese WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Well it looks like the folks who brought us Family Table Tennis have been quite busy lately cooking up several new titles for Nintendo's WiiWare service. We just recently brought you news about their new mini-golf title Okiraku Putter Golf and now news of yet another title has been announced called Slot Car Racing.

Slot Car Racing is set for release on the Japanese WiiWare service later this year for the bargain price of 500 Wii Points. Not much is known about the title other than the fact that it will support the Wifi capabilities of the Wii and feature multi-player racing action.

We'll have more information on Slot Car Racing as it becomes available, as well as any news regarding a US or European release. Until then you can take a look at the few available screenshots of the game in action below.





Source: Famitsu

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Ark said:

Er...why not a real racing game? Seems odd to me, but oh well, if the game is good I won't complain. Hopefully it's better than Family Table Tennis though...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I heard about this already but what I DIDNT know is that it'll feature Wi-fi! Nice! And for only 500 Points, too. Hope it holds up if/when it arrives here.

Oh and zss_shadow, in case you haven't heard, they're also developing two other WiiWare games, both also priced at 500 Points. I'd say this company is working its way up!



Ark said:

Yup, I heard KnucklesSonic. I've been on VCR and WW for a looong time, but I usually just lurk.XD
The mini-putting game looks interesting.I like that the company is making plenty of these kind of games for WiiWare, and especially that they're dirt cheap. They might not be brilliant, but for $5 can you go wrong?



danik said:

hmm screenshots havnt got me gripped but for a game for young kids at that price i think it will do pretty well



kitroplious said:

Look's like Corbie is the main editor for Japanese games!

Wow... Arc System Works seems to make a lot of WiiWare games at 500 Wii Points! I'll be keeping my eye on this little racing game!



Twilight_Crow said:

Wow, is this company really planning to sell all their games at 500 points? Cool , lets see how this one turns out.



Objection said:

I like that they are making 500 pt games but I can't see this having enough for even that. Better luck with their golf game methinks.



that_dan_guy said:

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I thought I remembered slot car tracks having slots on them. Could be interesting though, especially if a track editor or build your own mode is included. You could relive your childhood and cover the floor in super long tracks.

Any idea how this will be controlled? Considering slot cars usually only have an accelerator and that's it, no need to steer, will this game just use one button or will they add extra functions to 'spice' it up?



PALgamer said:

@that_dan_guy: The slot is already in the title, duhhh

Bet they went the slot cars route since the input is very simple, just press the trigger, or in this case B. I hope the cars skid when they go too fast into a curve. And the wifi options, I can see them using it for sharing custom tracks.
Out of their three games so far, this is one I could see myself buying.

PS: No WiiWare today for PAL, bugger.



Wiiloveit said:

There may have been no WiiWare today, but Alien Crush Returns has been added to the Nintendo Channel strangely enough, stating it was released last week.



Starwolf_UK said:

^ Last time I checked the Nintendo Channel they had the first Hanabi Festival games only the release dates were a year out...2008 rather than 2007. Basically, I wouldn't normally trust the Nintendo channel for dates but that one seems like a last minute executive decision of "Nobody plays pinball anymore lets put the uncredible maze in its place".

Suppose I better say something about the slot car game...its Arc System Works so I don't care as i'll never see it...



RadioShadow said:

Well this saves getting the real kit out!

If you can design your own tracks, that would be cool.



KDR_11k said:

Slot cars don't have slots when they're supposed to switch sides, I had that kind as a kid. Easier to derail and didn't work anywhere close to reliably but hey, at least you get to ram the other guy .

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