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Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive People!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

According to Nintendo WiiFanboy, some users of Strong Bad: Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner have experienced freezing issues during the game. Readers over at the Telltale forums are also reporting the same problem. Some users have said that changing the display from 16x9 widescreen setting over to the regular 4:3 display setting fixes this problem. Other users have also said that changing the setting from 480p to 480i also helps.

If you're experiencing this freezing issue this is about the only help we can offer until Telltale releases a patch to completely fix the problem. We'll have any information regarding any possible patches when it becomes available.

Source: Nintendo WiiFanboy

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Corbs said:

Alex is doing the review. I have no idea when it will be up.



Tabbyluigi said:

The Number 1 game right now, so just change the settings, Super Mario 64 also sometimes freezes at the end of the game, so its uncommon for games to freeze.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I guess it isnt called “Strongbad's Cool game for attractive people” for nothing then .
I guess its “Strongbads squissed game for attractive people” then .
At least as this is a downloadable game meaning you can download a patch unlike for example Guitar Hero III where you have to order in a replacement disc to fix the audio issues .



Virus said:

Hmmm, I haven't had problems (even if I've been playing it on another person's TV).




Hey Im new. Im thinking of buying this game but im not sure. Should I buy this or Space Parodier.



SirToasty said:

I downloaded this game...and i pressed the save button in the menu, and right before it was gonna save, it froze and made a weird "bzzzzzz" sound, and i had too unplug my Nintendo Wii, and had too start back too the previous save![the save before the save where it froze]. I was really MAD...



WeeGee said:

yeah, I bought this right when it came out. Towards the end of the game it started freezing up, so I looked it up and found that changing the screen to 4:3 would work and thankfully it did.



Kadou said:

I played the game for about four hours yesterday, and while I did see some slowdown, my game never froze.

@theludicrous: Extended Play is just giving you the ability to go around the world without a story to follow. It lets you get all those achievements, too.



Phantom5800 said:

@vherub - Dr. Mario has been updated (as well as a variety of VC games being updated to fix minor bugs), but I don't know of any others. It is possible though which is good.



Wiiloveit said:

It is out in EU this Fri, but I wont be getting it due to storage problems.

That, and the fact I have no money

Oh - get that review up soon aswell



Terra said:

I'm downloading the PC Demo currently, which i rarely do. I have high hopes for this game.

Also, where is the EC demo? I can't seem to find it



Ian_Daemon said:

OK, slightly embarrassed to admit that I haven't gotten far enough to have freezing problems yet. It may have something to do with the lack of free time this week, but that's probably just an excuse.



King_wiL said:

I couldnt wait till we get it over here in the uk so i got the pc version instead, not had any problems yet (touch wood) lol



King_wiL said:

also i apologise for not really having a wii related post in somes eyes but all im saying is if your worried about the wii versoin, or cant wait the few days, get the pc version, telltale still get the money and you can save about £8 on buying the whole season at once (ie by paying for it now in a bundle and downloading the other eps upon release)



ACK said:

I played through the game to its entirety with no freezing whatsoever.

Also, the review should be up soon. My apologies for taking so long, but as someone suggested, I do have a life to get around to. Hopefully the wait will be worth it...



Naturestee said:

My husband played it for 3 hours while I was at work yesterday, then I played 2 hours and neither of us had freezing problems. I had a minor glitch where the menu didn't want to work for a minute but it fixed itself.

How many people are actually having problems with the widescreen?



Drizzt said:

That's strange. Fortunately I haven't had any problems.

Great game by the way .



WeeGee said:

It happened to me towards the end when I interacted with some of the obstacles on the race. I can't say anymore because of spoilers, but it also happened in the middle of a scene, which sucked because I was excited and I had to unplug the wii.



Stratos said:

@vherub & Kadou
My Life as a King had a patch/update as well when the second batch of DLC was released so that the game could acknowledge it. You had to delete and re-download the game. I don't know if that is how all games with periodic DLC updates will have to work or if it was just Squeenix's programming style that caused it.
Also, I played through all of the main SBCG4AP story in regular screen mode and had no glitching problems.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@WeeGee: My game froze at the same moment but works in Standard screen mode. Did you know that you could just hold your Wii's power button for about five seconds to turn it off instead of pulling out the plug? Might be safer for the system.

Also, my brother said that he had to open up some memory to download the Dr. Mario patch. It just so happens that the memory required was the size of the game, suggesting that it re-downloaded the entire game and THEN deleted the file that was already on it. Does that make any sense?

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