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Hudson's My Aquarium For WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

We received a rather interesting press release today about the upcoming fish tank simulation for WiiWare called My Aquarium by Hudson. It seems the original name of Blue Oasis for North America has now been dropped so it’s got the same name as Europe thankfully.

We’re not sure what to make of this “game” but we’re sure it will interest some as a sort of glorified screensaver for the Wii. No pricing details have been revealed for the USA yet, but when Blue Oasis got released on the 24th June in Japan on WiiWare it cost a measly 500 Wii points.

Check out the latest in the press release:

Hudson's New and Original Experience Delivers the Relaxation of an Aquarium to Your Wii this year

REDWOOD CITY, CA – July 15, 2008 - Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, today announced that it is bringing My Aquarium to WiiWare™ on the Wii™.

My Aquarium is an all-new, original IP for digital download on WiiWare. In this pleasant and relaxing software experience, much like a real aquarium, you can customize your fish tank with different backgrounds, gravel styles, decorations, plant life, and of course, fish. A release date for My Aquarium will be announced soon.

“While many games and downloads these days focus on wild, fast-paced gameplay, My Aquarium offers a totally different, calming experience,” said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment. “Watching the amazing things that can happen in the underwater world is something the entire family can enjoy.”

No room for a real aquarium? Don’t have the time or money to maintain a fish tank? Why not add a beautiful, maintenance-free aquatic experience to your home with My Aquarium? Sit back, relax and interact with the fish. If you have to go away for a while, don’t worry; you might even find a brand new fish when you come back! In My Aquarium, Wii owners can choose the fish that will live in their aquarium and what decorations they’ll get to enjoy. You can choose the glass color, lighting, background design, style of gravel, rocks, or plant life for the world their fish will inhabit and can mix and match different fish in up to 6 individual aquariums. You can even send aquariums to friends using WiiConnect24™ if they also have My Aquarium.

Some other features of My Aquarium include:

  • A wide selection of colorful fish – Choose from 40 different types of fish, from groupers to jellyfish. Both freshwater and saltwater fish can cohabit just fine. If you want to feed your fish, you can choose from a variety of food. You can even interact with your fish and keep a watchful eye on your favorite. Learn more about your fish in the Fish Database.
  • Interacts with the Forecast Channel – Tank conditions change depending on the weather in your area!
  • Focused on Fun –You can simply relax and enjoy the fish. Don’t worry about water temperatures or other special knowledge needed for a real aquarium. My Aquarium requires only your imagination.

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Peznaze said:

The point of virtual over real is that you can mix fish that normally couldn't be together for various reasons, and still enjoy the tranquil stress relief of an aquarium.

Still, I'd rather have Insaniquarium or my real one.



Dokenzz said:

i thought this game was supposed to be like fishy, you know eat small fish, die if you get eaten by a bigger one; everyone see AC:CF?



Kenji510 said:

This is gonna be a cool game to download and hope it comes out soon too... reminds the game for the PS3 called "Aquatopia" and its for the playstation eye too.



Omega said:

It is... aquarium. With fish. And no gameplay? And it offers a totally different calming experience? What is happening? I am suddenly so tired. I must keep my eyes open. Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzz.



supermario2 said:

So do I Thomas and I think that Endless Ocean is much better just because u canswim with whales, dolphins and other large aquatic creatures that u can't see in a tank.
@Thomas have u done the bit where u have to go down to the Abyss and find out about the mother whale or something? Cuz I need tips I don't know where the hidden bits r.



chiefeagle02 said:

@supermario2 Yeah, I've passed that bit. I've found the Ancient Mother already and now I'm looking for the sunken ship. For the abyss part, you have to bring one of your diving partners with you and it'll show you the fossil you need. If you need more help, send me an email at (if nothing else, to swap friend codes or whatever). Don't want to get too carried away here in these boards.

Back to the subject, like breaderer said, I think I'll wait for a review as well. It looks like it can be a pretty cool chill out game like Butterfly Garden (or to a lesser extent, Pop). It's a stretch, but DLC would be nice, like new fish.



StarDust4Ever said:

Just load Mario64, enter the castle, go to the room with the Pirate Ship painting, and stare at the aquariums in the walls. Zoom in the camera control, and Presto! Mario will fall asleep while you stare at the "fish"



i8cookie said:

i'd get it if you can have sharks and other cool stuff in your tank. An octopus or a sword fish would be amazing, or have those really deep sea creatures that look like strange aliens and glow under UV light, and then you can sit back and watch the food chain in action! If it's just clown fish and other bog standard things that just sit about, forget it....



Orgone said:

This should be a ultra-realistic fish tank simulation that has various levels of difficulty with disasters too. Either that or crazy alien species swimming in lava light fluid.



Ricardo91 said:

A 5-dollar, slightly interactive screensaver? Thanks, but no thanks. We already have one of those. It's called My Pokemon Ranch, exept it's 10 dollars. ;D

Why did they change the name? Blue oasis sounds so much better. My aquarium sounds like it's trying to compete w/ My Pokemon Ranch.

Bring on Insaniquarium!

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