US VC Releases - 7th January - StarTropics

Two cult classics for the US today. First is StarTropics, the first in an (unfortunately) dead Nintendo series which spanned only two games. The game borrows heavily from Zelda, but is a lot more light-hearted and, according to quite a few people, more fun. The original game required a letter which came packed with the game in order to progress at one point - If anybody who played the game on NES can download it on VC and see for us how they fixed this, it would be appreciated.

King of Fighters fans in the US can FINALLY stop moaning about not getting The King of Fighters '94 while Europe and Japan have had it for a while. This is also the first in a series, except this one is still going to this day. The game is one of the first fighting games to feature characters from multiple franchises.

Two great games for the US. If you're a Nintendo fan you owe it to yourself to play StarTropics, it doesn't have a lot of fans for nothing!