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Sin & Punishment heads our way

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A new title has just been rated by the OFLC - Yes, it's Sin & Punishment! This N64 game is not known by too much people, and for good reason - It wasn't released outside Japan originally. However, those that did play it all share the same opinion: It's one of the greatest N64 games ever made. It plays similarly to Star Fox 64, except that you can also run, jump, slash your sword, have one on one duels and more. Highly recommended when it does come out, especially if you didn't play it before!

Check out the OFLC rating page.

Another quick surprise is the fact that Gradius III has been OFLC rated as well. This SNES game was released in America a while ago, and will be released in Japan this month, so PAL gamers were wondering when we would finally get it.

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KeeperBvK said:

I just bought the N64 version today on ebay, but still, this is great news.



junkeR said:

This hasn't come to the ESRB has it? I hope it comes here soon. The voice acting is laughable but I really enjoyed playing this on the N64. I really like the melee attacks you can do close up.



-Regii said:

Yay, from what I heard this is also gonna be one of the big releases.
Can't wait to try it out ^^



alvieao said:

This needs to be released in the North American region... That way Nintendo can make it up for not doing so in 2001.



Starwolf_UK said:

This is certainly great news though I do have a few concerns regarding its control. The original game was quite suited to the N64 pad.

Things like rolling (which was double tap C-Left/Right) might be difficult and/or feel unatural.



This is awesome news!
I've always wanted to play this game... but never got around to buying it!
Hope it's out soon!



universalperson said:

So they're tranlating it to other languages!

That would be cool...if I knew it was coming out in America! DARN IT!



Bass_X0 said:

Good news. I hope a lot more previously Japanese only titles come to the Virtual Console worldwide. I'm still very surprised they are doing Sin and Punishment though. I wonder if S&P will cost more points due to translation costs...



Amber said:

Actually, Sin & Punishment doesn't need translation. All of the voice acting in the game is (American) English. The only things in the game that are Japanese are the start menu and the tutorial but those are easy enough to figure out (plus you can find translations online). I bought S&P of e-bay years ago and modded the cart to work on my US N64. It really is a fantastic game and worth the inflated price I paid.



PowerLegend said:

Seeing as it's an N64, it should be coming to America soon. Hell, we could get it before Europe.



Remy said:

If it comes to america, and it's never officially released outside japan. Will -we- Europeans finally get to play Super Mario RPG? =D



Homer_Simpson said:

So, it now has a release date- the 28th of September in Australia/ NZ/ Europe. Will this have to run in 60 HZ mode, though?



PokeParadox said:

"Seeing as it's an N64, it should be coming to America soon. Hell, we could get it before Europe."

... for a change? >_>

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