Sin & Punishment heads our way

A new title has just been rated by the OFLC - Yes, it's Sin & Punishment! This N64 game is not known by too much people, and for good reason - It wasn't released outside Japan originally. However, those that did play it all share the same opinion: It's one of the greatest N64 games ever made. It plays similarly to Star Fox 64, except that you can also run, jump, slash your sword, have one on one duels and more. Highly recommended when it does come out, especially if you didn't play it before!

Check out the OFLC rating page.

Another quick surprise is the fact that Gradius III has been OFLC rated as well. This SNES game was released in America a while ago, and will be released in Japan this month, so PAL gamers were wondering when we would finally get it.