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Everyone can have barrels of fun playing in Pop-Up Party mode, or enjoy a rollicking one-player game in Pop-Up Logic mode. Players must poke through the barrel that holds their Captain captive, being careful not to harm the man himself! Unique Wii features add to the excitement, making for a fun-packed party game. Try swapping out the Captain and putting a Mii™ in the barrel for some real laughs!

Playing Pop-Up Logic: You must select a hole within the time limit and thrust in your sword. If the hole is safe, the Captain will show you how many of the holes within that area are to be avoided. Use these hints to guide your sword thrusts, staying away from the dangerous holes. For every successful sword thrust, extra time will be added to the total time remaining.

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Posted by Sean McDermott

Pop-Up Pirate! - a barrel of fun or a total wash-out?

Many of us will remember Tomy’s successful ‘board’ game, Pop-Up Pirate, from our childhoods. Cautiously inserting mini-daggers into the pirate’s unsuspecting torso in an attempt to avoid murdering the poor one-eyed soul – that’s what being a...

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User Comments (37)



MoneybagzX said:

There making games for people of different ages, whats next a final fantasy game with no action or fighting in it whatsoever......

Oh ya



WiiMan192 said:

There is. FFCC: My Life As a King.

I think that the developer has the right to release this. As long as the game does what it's supposed to and more, I'm sure it'll be popular with kids. Although not many will have access to WiiWare...



Ricardo91 said:

Oh yea, now that Hansolo mentioned it, I too remember the toy being advertised on TV a few years back. Now they're making a video game out of it? Good god, will the shovelware EVER END???



Wiiloveit said:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Pop Up Pirate!!! I want 8 player online, GC controller support, Mii compatability and Balance Board controls from this. Hell, hows about a full blown adventure?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

What's this?! Where did this come from? I know the toy. I still remember the barrage of advertisements surrounding it. It got annoying when I was a bit younger. Heh. I'm skipping unless a review changes my mind.



Crazynoodle said:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Pop Up Pirate!!! I want 8 player online, GC controller support, Mii compatability and Balance Board controls from this. Hell, hows about a full blown adventure?

Lol! Yah this game looks like crap, it needs to have more than just what it advertized or it will fail misrebly. Myabe a couple lil kids will buy it



Wiiloveit said:

@Crazynoodle: As long as it doesn't exceed 2500 points, this is a definite must buy. Oh, and a co-op / balance board mode will also do nicely.



Wiiloveit said:

OMG - I just saw Pop Up Pirate advertised on the telly - I didn't realise they still made the original. Meh - PUPWWFTW!



Terra said:

Yeah, hopefully. Who knows, i think Pop up Pirate could translate into a Wiiware game quite well and reckon this won't be as bad as the likes of games like Pong Toss and Midnight Bowling. Maybe as bad as MLE or Potpourii.

Yeah, hopefully it won't change. I was really annoyed about that with Cue Sports, it had my hopes up. With this though, it won't matter



Greg_Richardson said:

Thank you very much for the comment, I just think this is a very stupid idea for a game.
I would much prefer the card game Pit with online multiplayer.



Wiiloveit said:

@Greg Richardson: That's entirely different - how can you compare those?

Anyways... this has been rated for a while now methinks... hopefully we should get it soon! I know I'm buying it (seriously).



Tetsuo said:

I think a lot of you need to learn what "shovelware" actually means. And what's wrong with this game? Might not be your thing, that's no reason to be a dick about it.



Wiiloveit said:

So... after a good 45 minutes playing it now, I'm happy to say that this is the most "different" game on WiiWare yet. It plays okay, but is a bit limited, even though the single player mode is a nice addition. Oh, and I can stick my Mr T Mii in the barrel, which made me chuckle (very briefly). If you're a fan of games based on "getting lucky", you could do worse, but as it stands, there simply isn't enough content here.
Trust Tomy!



Objection said:

@Tetsuo-Of all games to defend you pick this one? Good luck. To me, this looks like a flimsy diversion software that costs a 100 points a minute that most will play with it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Just by the mere description of Pop-up Barrel, reeks of shovel. If you want party games that require little skill to play, then any of the Wario Ware titles is most likely to have dozens of such minigames.

I'm predicting at most 3 or lower for the Wiiware review, because I'd seriously doubt something so mundane would ever be worthy of a 4.



Digiki said:

Oh look a game designed for children, that looks pretty good for what it is, let's all bash it!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This better come later rather than sooner and even still, it better be in an update with TWO games, then the update this comes in won't seem murky, assuming that the other title isn't some random game like The Incredible Maze.



Nobarai said:

It's finally here in America. Yaaaaayyzzzz...
(The internets are now soaked from the intense amount of sarcasm)



Gabbo said:

Yeah, no kidding. Do you think that's why they changed the name, or did someone finally explain to them the innuendo...

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