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Thu 22nd May 2008

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mjshopgames commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

Quote from nintendoduffin:
"Nintendo have said there's a 40mb upper limit on WiiWare titles"
Well if you read around then you would find that nintendo denied that statement. They said the only restrictions are:
1)No customer data retrevial
2)No in-game ads
3)One Game Per Month
and thats all it they aren't even restricting AO games according to what i get.




mjshopgames commented on Hardware Focus - Commodore 64:

well I hope we get the Commodore 64. Well i guess if we get something else besides C64 then it will be alright. Well just think maybe Sega CD, or Sega Saturn! Probably wont happen but if they reveil the memory solution at E3 you never know maybe we will get sega CD or Sega Saturn.



mjshopgames commented on Review: TV Show King:

Yes Beyondmany they can update the WiiWare title so they can fix the bugs off the program just like nintendo does with the virtual console. I hope that answers your question but if they do that or not is a diffrent thing.



mjshopgames commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

Well Anyone who does homebrew on the Wii is the reason we don't have more storage capacity. If you would stop doing this then nintendo would be so hesitant to put more memory. Also since the Nintendo Channel collects your data wouldn't that mean that you could be caught doing illegal stuff on your Wii? Soon they are going to have all the channels collect your data so your not doing homebrew. I dont think that is what people want. I think that is why nintendo collects all of your wii system data so they can find the people that are doing homebrew. You know if they catch you they can fine you lots of money since it is ILLEGAL!!!!!