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World Sports Competition (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Originally released in 1992, World Sports Competition brought the spirit of the summer Olympic games home to the TurboGrafx-16. Featuring 6 different sports, and over 18 events, World Sports Competition offers a unique compilation of diverse, exciting summer games and sports.

By choosing Olympic mode, gamers will find themselves competing in each summer sport. Battle it out against your competitors in Track, Field, Swimming, Shooting, Rowing, and Archery. Each sport is full of intense events & trials that will challenge your reflexes through simple yet dynamic gameplay. Mastering some fast and furious finger tapping skills will be essential in keeping up with the competition as you aim to crush every world record!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Originally released in 1992, World Sports Competition brought the spirit of the summer Olympic games home to the TurboGrafx-16.

There won't be many gamers out there that remember this one most likely. World Sports Competition is a game based on the Olympic Games, but without the official license. As to be expected the games are represented as a series of mini-games which you and...

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Toybhoy said:

This is a good game. I remember it fondly. Sports games like these are awesome in multi player



jakers007 said:

i know for like bomberman for 5 players you have to hook up the gc controller before the screen starts so i would assume that is how. on another note i always thought that the '92 Gold Medal games was my favorite Summer Olympic game.



tull said:

one word PARTY. Closest i come to my wet Track & Field series dream



grayOlorin said:

Does anyone remember Track and Field on the NES? I remember it being pretty awesome.... I wonder if they would ever release that



accidental said:

For 5 player TG16 games on Wii Virtual Console you can use any combination of Gamecube controllers & Wii Remotes/Classic Controllers. You can't use a Wii Remote with the Classic Controller plugged in so you're limited to 4 players unless you have a Gamecube Controller. For 5 player Bomberman I used 3 GC controllers and 2 Wii Remotes.



SKTTR said:

I know I loved Decathlon, Track&Field, Summer Games and the like.
And this seems like the whole lot combined into one five-player-game.
it's a trigger-the-button-till-your-limit-game and has some
deeper gameplay in games like the firing-range as well. but overall it's very simple, that makes it a really good party game. that's surely fun!
i might it try it out if i'm in the mood and have enough players and wiimotes around.
4/5 Stars
Party Factor A xD



Dazza said:

Personally I think Konami's Track n' Field is much more fun. It has a lot more character!



Razor61289 said:

Great game but it is a little annoying in one player as you have to batter the controller to pieces to be able to come first. This is probably better in multiplayer. I would steer clear if you plan to play in single player only.



supanova said:

This game is bad. The worst thing about it is the news broadcasts. Apparently, it's dog-eat-dog at the Hudson Stadium everyday of the week 24 hours a day.

__Teri C


Teri C said:

For 600pts we got carpal tunnel and a broken thumbs. The directions are minimal. Still can't jump over the high jump nor jump further than 11m on the 3xjump. Once we did get the hang of some of the events it made blisters on our thumbs. The shooting range was the best. NOT the Track & Field game from Konami and not even close to being fun. What a waste of pts, or money, whichever way you choose to view it.

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