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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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grayOlorin commented on TurboGrafx-16 in Australia from 7th July:

dazza- that would be cool too I guess I am a system coolection junkie. Yeah i think msx may not make it here, but one can always hope. Other than translating the games, it probably would not be too expensive I think.

I would love to see the MG games as well as some of the nes remakes such as FF 1 (I even heard that the enemies are in different places in the msx version...)



grayOlorin commented on US VC Releases - 4th June - Zelda II:

Man, I am really surprised that a lot of people dislikes this zelda. I do not remember too many games at the time that played like it...! I though it was actually really unique. definitly hard though...!



grayOlorin commented on World Sports Competition:

Does anyone remember Track and Field on the NES? I remember it being pretty awesome.... I wonder if they would ever release that