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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

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Think you can save the world?

Here's your chance to play the world's first role-playing game for the entry-level player.

The planet is dying. Cold winds blow. Fires rage. Trees are withering. In other words, it's brutal out there.

Only you can stop the Dark King from consuming the light from the Crystals of Earth. But don't think it'll be a walk in the park. You're up against the sleaziest of slimebags, the evilest of ecto-scum - we're talking serious monsters here.

This isn't your basic shoot-'em-to-smithereens kiddy game, either. You'll have to think your way out of some tough spots. Think you can handle that?

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A simplified Final Fantasy experience

Back in 1992, role-playing games were still largely ignored outside of Japan, but Square tried to remedy this with the release of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. The game not only added a bit more action to the experience, it also greatly simplified the...

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Aenaida said:

I've played a bit of this game, but not enough to form an accurate opinion on it (although I am aware of the bad rep it gets for being dumbed down for Western audiences). It wasn't terrible, so I might buy it if it's ever released here. More Square Enix support is always great.

By the way, I'm curious. What do you mean by "trademark filed?"



Drake said:

Square Enix has renewed the brand on the European trademark registration site with its original European title (Mystic Quest Legends). As there haven't been any other Mystic Quest titles since we're pretty confident that that means it's for a VC release!

If you want to check for yourself go here and enter "Square Enix" into the Owner field.



moosa said:

I remember this game. It may very well have been the first RPG I ever played. Not that I ever played through it. I was very young! I never even knew it was a "Final Fantasy" game until now, I just remember it being called Mystic Quest. The things that I remember standing out to me at the time were the ginormous enemies and the way your different equipped weapons could be used outside of battle Zelda-style. I guess the game was pretty simple as far as RPGs go, but it was quite a task for me so many years ago!



StarBoy91 said:

This is one game that I am really interested in. I heard it was one of those very underrated RPGs, and I've read a couple of reviews (Corbie's on his SUPER-NES site and the other one on RVGFanatic's website) stating that it was good.



jhuhn said:

It did have an emotional ending, but if you haven't played it, Benjamin can only have one person joining him which is a downer.



deggs said:

everyone always hates on this game. yeah, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too easy but it is fun as hell. a dumbed down final fantasy for the young crowd i guess?. but if you like dungeon crawling, this game is for you. the dungeons are pretty fun. not much as far as story goes but i still loved it back in the day (keeping in mind, i got it and finished it the weekend it came out so i have no idea how it holds up today)



StarBoy91 said:

I am willing to bet that you just parodied what I said.

I looked up that you can name your character in this game. Is someone here at NintendoLife an Alf fan? 'cause I noticed in one of the screenshots that there was the name, Alf.



Kurachi said:

has this really been announced for VC?
if so, its very cool to see this one :D
few mins ago i was going to play a VC game, but when i saw this, i stopped for some :)
please let em not take long to put it on the VC
*super happy

i completed the game with knowing the endboss his weakness, but i still will buy & play it once its on VC :D


EDIT(as noone replied after my last post)
@5 yes, you can only have 1 ally at a time, but thats not the worst thing
i think it'd be way more fun if you could choose after you completed the game
but then, there's no more story except for the last part once completed :p
or a bonus which allows you to start over with any char you like to, or something

besides that, its still a very good game, easy but good
it requires a bit brain usage, in battles and such



FonistofCruxis said:

This doesn't look as good as many other FF games but it still looks pretty good and it has the best regular boss theme ever.



Kurachi said:

well, IF it comes to VC, it may take a long time like most other games which are rated

EDIT: (as noone else has replied)

next week we'll be happy to see this game :D
it wont take long after all :)

Mystic Quest Legends will be in EU VC next week, which is on friday 24th september
sounds official eh?:p



Bones00 said:

The game I called "the budget Final Fantasy" has finally been released on the virtual console. I remember this game costing $39.99 retail and Final Fantasy II (IV) costing $59.99.



motang said:

I remember that box art as if it were yesterday I saw it at my local Toys R Us store, I never played this game, as it never really appealed to me. I might check it out on VC though.



4estGump said:

As it was made as an intro to RPGs, I admit when I was little when it came out, it did it's job and have been an RPG enthusiast ever since. I remember playing this game repeatedly, beating it multiple times. I even turned the music down and played with Tom Petty in the background. Anyone that says it's horrible is spoiled. This was a quintessential introduction that left this now 33 year old in love with the genre.

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