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In this NES action game, a port of the hit arcade original, you play a crack Special Forces soldier tasked with parachuting into the South American jungle on a dangerous mission to rescue hostages.

Playing from a first-person perspective, you control a gunsight and use your machine gun and grenades to take out enemies. Each of the six missions has a unique objective, with your performance in each mission affecting the ending. But it's not enough to simply scatter the screen with bullets - you've got to make sure you get as many hostages out of there alive as you can!

The game features different ending sequences (and cash bonuses for your troops!) depending on how many hostages you manage to save. Will the President of the United States be happy with your performance? Put your finger on the trigger and find out!

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Operation initiated! Rescue the prisoners!

Operation Wolf was a massive hit in arcades when it was released in 1987. Although the concept of light gun games wasn’t a new one, Taito’s imposing arcade cabinet (replete with uber-cool replica Uzi) certainly made a lasting impact on gamers...

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User Comments (28)



Kevin said:

The zapper is out, they should make it compatible with it. Doing it on a controller is NOT the same!



eltomo said:

I played an Amiga version of this game, i'm sure of it... and it was good!

This looks painful ^^



ICEknight said:

Perhaps they're going for the TurboGrafx version, instead? It was much better, even though it lacked llightgun support.



WaddleWave said:

I played this on the Taito Legends collection, same as those times I've played at arcades years ago. Dont know how it would manage for the NES. Great game, hope it would be Zapper compatible, in the arcades it used to be with a Uzi....replace the Zapper with a fake toy Uzi for incredible authenthic experience.



Luigison said:

The press update doesn't mention the zapper so I assume they went with the controller only configuration.



lordbowser said:

If they don't add the zapper option they'll be breaking their own rule of "just like the original version".



Kelvin said:

Sort of. Technically, Wii pointer functionality and NES Zapper functionality are different things, so if they don't include Wii pointer support, they're not strictly breaking any promises.

Yes, it's still a cheat, but one Nintendo could get away with.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

I remember playing this in the arcade; by all accounts, it was a good game. I've never actually played the NES version, but I figured it was bad. Gumshoe, for the NES, was a pretty interesting light-gun title; I'd love to see it find its way on the VC. However, as many of you have already stated: there's little purpose in buying a game like this without a Zapper or some kind or Wii remote functionality.



President_Leever said:

I remember playing this a lot on PC back in the day. It was one of the few games in the school's "hobby" room. Never liked it much though.



michinmuri said:

This was one of the games I tried to play as a kid cuz I loved the arcade. It sucked miserably. Even then, I also had this competitive issue that I had to beat every game I played. This was one I never beat, and haven't lost a wink of sleep over it. Save the 500 points on this and another horible NES VC release for a good N64 game. This game is only for the nostalgic (not even the morbidly curious this time.)



Bensei said:

I hope the other Zapper Games get Pointe Support or else they'll be screwed



Ricardo91 said:

If they do this to Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman, Ninty's gonna have hell to pay! >: (



Unfortunately, the Taito Legends version doesn't support Lightguns either. No big loss though, it's my roommate who likes those kind of games, not me.



Bensei said:

I guess they can't do this to Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley, since those games only supported Zapper, this game supported the pad too. I guess Nintendo won't release them at all instead. Maybe we can hope for a Wiiware release of Duck Hunt... (You know, that guy who played New Duck Hunt?)



deadbattery said:

What's the point of re-releasing this without some sort of light-gun/Zapper/Wiimote pointer control? Biiiiiiig mistake, Nintendo. Using a clunky D-pad to aim is just pathetic. But the game looks lame anyway, so let's try to forget it.



Bass_X0 said:

i assume nintendo felt like the controller support was enough - they didn't have to rewrite the game code to make it work with the Wiimote.

I do wonder if it were possible for somebody (be they amateur or professional company) to make a NES controller adaptor for the Wii so that you can plug in actual NES controllers or the zapper which would work with the VC NES games.



Mr_64 said:

I dug out the Spectrum from the mothballs to try out a theory and it was right. Yes, the ZX Spectrum conversion (albiet in two colours) is better than this. Why on earth did this come out? Even the C64 version blows this out of the water!



deeztreezeez said:

LOL...yea this was the only game i had for A LONG TIME on the NES back in the day...Back in 89 when I got the NES the system came with SMB... One XMAS some relative bought me this game, MAN I HATED IT, no fun at all! Terrible game

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