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This landmark action-puzzle game has been a worldwide fixture in video games from the moment of its inception until today, producing many sequels and related products along the way. The player controls the hero, or "Runner," who collects gold nuggets located around every stage, all the while avoiding capture by enemy robots.

The action itself is simple, but the stages are designed as increasingly challenging puzzles, and none of the 50 stages is as easy as it seems. The Runner avoids enemies by digging holes in the floor to the right and left of his position by doing this, he can clear a path to places that, at first glance, seem unreachable. Players must use their brains to collect all the gold nuggets in every puzzling stage if they want to escape to the next.

In addition to normal play, this version of the game features an Edit Mode that allows players to design their own stages, adding a new level of enjoyment to the game.

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Lee Meyer

Not quite endless runner

Broderbund's Lode Runner is a challenging puzzler that, unfortunately, hasn't aged particularly gracefully. Originally released in 1983 on computers like the Apple II and the Commodore 64, Lode Runner feels dated, even for an NES game. It's easy to see...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

A lode of rubbish or not?

The timing could have been a bit better for this as the far superior Battle Lode Runner for the TurboGrafx became available on the Virtual Console only two months ago. Is there a reason to bother with the NES original when for just 100 more points you...

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User Comments (20)



SKTTR said:

The levels of Lode Runner (NES) and Battle Lode Runner (Turbografx) are not the same. There were many versions of Lode Runner that were the same, but these two are different.

A list of ports and sequels of the earliest Lode Runner games:
(The newer Lode Runner's are not listed.)



Kevin said:

I had a lot of fun with this on the NS, but I'll be downloading Battle Lode Runner instead.



Simbabbad said:

Championship Lode Runner is insanely hard, you can look up to some video walkthrough on Youtube, it's just crazy. Most people couldn't go past level 1.



gamerz said:

I bought this game because I spent so much time playing the original PC version. What I didn't realize is how much horizontal scrolling is involved, instead of showng the entire level on one screen like the monchrome PC verson.



Wolfman said:

This game is really pretty useless when you have the far superior Battle Lode Runner on the TG-16/PCE. Spend 100 more points and you get better graphics and sound, not to mention the brilliant multiplayer of the TG-16 version.



Adamant said:

Kinda pointless releasing this NOW, after the release of Battle LR.

But yeah, fun game, though inferior in every way (other than price) to Battle. No point in downloading this unless you already beat Battle and is hungry for more Lode Runner action.



Mr.cow said:

don't get this get battle lode runner for 100 exstra points you get 5 player maltyplayer and a better camara also (I think that the people look cool)

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I played this game before. I don't think I'll play it again. It's not that I hate it, It's that I have the PC-ENGINE version.



Y0u said:

Not bad per se, but kind of pointless with Battle Lode Runner out. For 100 more points, you get twice as many levels, better graphics and sound, battle mode, and a better level editor. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of levels here are in BLR as well.



Clayfrd said:

I got this, and I like it a lot. It's got a nice level creator, and the regular game mode is fun too. Very recommendable. I may get "Battle" also.



Ricardo91 said:

The graphics and sound in this game is simply terrible. if you want a Lode Runner game from the VC, get Battle Lode Runner instead. It's overall a much better game methinks.

Edit: I saw a video for Championship Lode Runner on Youtube the other day, and I must say those levels are INSANE!



CanisWolfred said:

I'll get both, and just go with this first. Since both games are different, I don't see how releasing both is "pointless".



Kurachi said:

i've played this, it was kinda fun, i always had different levels, got harder by going further
it was kinda a game which kept me busy, and i did like it
maybe i get it for the same reason once again... if it ever gets in europe, i even made a level from this game in ssbb
i prefer the legal way (VC) over illegal (emulator)
also, i prefer controller over keyboard



Corbs said:

I used to love this game on the Commodore 64, but even this NES release is a solid version of the game. The premise is getting a bit dated, but it's still good fun for those who enjoyed the original.

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