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Faxanadu (Wii Virtual Console / NES)

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This action-RPG brings a unique twist to the world of classic fantasy!

You are an adventurer who has just returned to his home town, the Elf town of Eolis, at the base of the World Tree. You find the village in peril - the Elven water supply has dried up, monsters are causing chaos and the Tree itself, once proud, is slowly wilting.

Equipped with the last of the King's money and the trust of the people you set out to climb the World Tree - braving obstacles, fiends and dangers - to discover the source of this corruption. Wield weapons and magic, get hints from townsfolk and experience a world of new environments as you ascend to the top of the world!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Zelda II's spiritual successor

Not many people outside Japan are familiar with the Dragon Slayer series. Created by Nihon Falcom, the great minds behind Ys, the first game enjoyed a good deal of popularity and got many sequels, though unfortunately, almost all of them remained...

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User Comments (28)



ogo79 said:

this is one ive never played...
ill have to check this one out more this weekend



Bass_X0 said:

I played this as a kid. I think I may download this but I'm not sure if I would for definite.



StarBoy91 said:

Oooh, a Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Ys III: Wanderers from Ys type of game? Looks sweet!



brooks83 said:

Amazing game, well worth 5 bucks. If I didn't already have the cart I would buy it. Heck, I may still buy it just for the convenience of having it on the Wii. Save states would be much easier than writing down the 30 character passwords lol.



Kurachi said:

oh my, i'd like to see this and mystic quest coming to our VC :D
that'd be 2 games to buy from me
but will it get to the VC for sure?
we cant be sure until nintendo has announced it

i've completed the game back then, and will do so again when its on the VC :)



deggs said:

yeah, this game rocks... haven't made it too far but i'm loving it. i always used to think that it was wayyyyyyyy better than zelda 2. not as grandiose in scope and the graphics and layout aren't as nice or intuitive but it definitely has the retro charm. i just wonder what they're going to do with the smoking guy in the shops. but yeah, if this is released, it'll definitely be one of the better games for the nes on vc



ogo79 said:

i was wondering the same about the smoking guy myself. i watched the game on youtube, cant wait for it.



brooks83 said:

I think they will leave the smoking guy in. They will probably reference it in the ESRB rating.



StarBoy91 said:

Huh, another game released on a Nintendo platform in America that used a smoking person; in the SNES version of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, the weapons store in Redmont is run by a person who's smoking from his pipe (and yes, actually smoke is being puffed out of the pipe, though small).



Kurachi said:

yay, coming soon :D
first mystic quest, now faxanadu

this will be awesome, i actually like the VC alot more again

i dont like that much games, like shooters and not much arcade kind of games, but i do like this one, so... yay :)



Retrogamer88 said:

i love this game because the gameplay is fun and i like the look of it,this game isnt in the "xanadu series" but its infact part of a series called "dragon slayer" and the NES game "legacy of the wizard" is in the same series as this which is another game that came out in the us but has nothing to do with faxanadu



Drake said:

@Retrogamer: That is technically true, but Xanadu pretty much became a series of its own. It's similar to how Wario Land was really Super Mario Land 3, would you really call the rest of the Wario Land games Super Mario Land ones?



TopDee443 said:

Ever since i first played this game at the age of 5, every time i walk on a gravel road I think of Faxanadu. It also has some the best nes music, i'd like to think.



HolyBlade said:

This is like Zelda II without all the BS. So it's actually fun, instead of frustrating.

The music has a couple of gems, too. Things get a little confusing at times, when you don't know where to go next and clues are scarce, but nothing to be worried about.



TheMagicEmperor said:

I'm waiting for Super Adventure Island 2 and am thinking about this to tide me over. Can anyone recomend it?



KFlow325 said:

if you type in "325 continue instrumental" Into the search bar at soundcloud you will find a dope beat i made from Faxanadu and Andre 3000

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