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Kirby arrives on Nintendo GameCube at warp speed in his first-ever racing game. Based on the same principles as games like Super Smash Brothers and past Kirby titles, Kirby Air Ride offers an entirely new approach to the racing genre. The simple controls that define all Kirby games give Kirby Air Ride instant playability no matter how skilled the players may be.


  • Break and slide around corners with a unique "push" action. "Charge-up" as you slide, then release for break-neck acceleration!
  • Kirby wouldn't be Kirby without stealing enemy abilities and using them to his advantage. Copy enemy abilities with a single button.
  • Three distinct play modes push the racing genre in new directions. The Air Ride and Top Ride modes offer 3-D and 2-D racing, respectively, while the City Trial mode takes the battle action from the Air Ride mode and turns it into a race for power-ups before launching players into full-on tournament battle.
  • Establish your racing dominance and win races by mastering corner slides and gliding through the air with no acceleration button.
  • Race different types of warpstar vehicles, each with different racing properties.

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Posted by Dave Letcavage

A Ride for all ages?

Kirby, everyone’s favourite pink puffball, has hopped on his Warpstar and blasted into the world of “kart” racing in Kirby Air Ride for the Nintendo GameCube. He’s brought with him a few of his brethren, a unique set of controls, and some...

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Kurachi said:

this game is awesome, i love it, especially city trial free run, and with more players its fun, destroying each other's star
and in that mode you can walk and try to get on some buildings
the rest is also fun, its still kirby, like in Air Ride mode, you get powers from monsters

i agree it could've made better, but its still good

i do like kirby's adventure and kirby super star (kirby's fun pak in europe) more, but this is a nice kirby racing game, guess we shouldnt compare this to other kirby games (the platformers)

i think my rating will be 8/10 for this one



TKOWL said:

Come on we need more comments and a review! Just look at my username! It says how much I love this game!



Chozo85 said:

One of the most under rated games on the Gamecube in my opinion. If only Mario Kart had the single player depth that this game does.



Collinhall said:

This game is the best gc ever! (under sunshine) I love the free fun mode off the cars and mmaking homes and bases for the Kirbys. My friends and my sis have a blast doing that! (Until I destroy all the trees in my sisters forest base and make the mother tree cry) BEST GAME EVEH!



marioman5 said:

this game was one of the first gamecube games i ever played (besides melee, sunshine, and mario party 5) and i never got tired of it, even to this day!



TKOWL said:

Ooh, I see new screenshots. Does that mean the review is finally coming?



Dodger said:

I used to play this at McDonalds. I would play the free mode and try to destroy the warp star so I could make Kirby walk around without one. This was before I really got into video games. Mario Kart: Double Dash was also there so I didn't really play this much.



Simon_Deku said:

Wow! I never realized how great this game was! And dragoon, if you like this game so much, why is your avatar a gengar? 10/10 in my book!

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