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Wed 3rd Nov 2010

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RockyRoadPie commented on Review: Wii Party (Wii):

Just a reminder for the scale: (In my opinion)
1-Terrible 2-very bad 3-bad 4-meh 5-average 6-nice 7-good 8-very good 9-awesome 10-perfect game



RockyRoadPie commented on Kirby's Epic Yarn:

This game is good, but it has some faults...
the worst one is probably that u cant die.
a good pro is that it has good graphics and gameplay
but overall, it's a good game so get it!
in my book, this is a 7/10!



RockyRoadPie commented on Kirby Super Star Ultra:

I think this game tops the original, Kirby Super Star.
It's probably on my top 10 DS/DSi games list!
will give this a 4.6/5 (well, in my opinion)



RockyRoadPie commented on Pikmin:

This game is AWESOMLY good! Lots of people dislike this game, and that makes me sad. SUPER SAD! If u dont like this game then it's your loss. If you've never played it, play it and also play the 2 sequals, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3!
I rate this game a: 4/5