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The legendary first Rayman adventure is now available from the Nintendo DSiWare service.

Play as Rayman and try to save his amazing world from the evil Mr. Dark. Discover a charming universe with colorful landscapes and meet funny characters who'll help Rayman through his quest. Experiment with his abilities as you punch, hang or fly in the air and choose between two difficulty levels. Take advantage of new features in the Nintendo DSi version, such as the Nintendo DSi Camera, map selection on the touch screen and the ability to play against time to win bonuses.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Rayman's first adventure, now with added warts

You don’t see a lot of Rayman any more. While technically he has his name on a few prominent Wii minigame compilations, Rayman has since been cast out of his own spinoff series by the Rabbids. But now he’s back, sort of, as Ubisoft has unleashed the...

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News: Rayman Getting A DSiWare Game

Rayman Getting A DSiWare Game

According to German ratings board site

Ratings board Web sites occasionally and unintentionally announce new games, and today yet another hitherto unknown title has been exposed. According to the USK, Germany's game ratings board, Ubisoft's limbless freak Rayman is getting a DSiWare entry. And that's all we know. The rating states the title's genre as "jump 'n run," which sounds an awful..

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KeeperBvK said:

Yet another remake like Earthworm Jim or possibly a new episode? Maybe even another new 2D entry? Here's hoping.



JakobG said:

Playing any 3D-Rayman title (though there are 2 only, if you leave out Rayman M) will make you feel unnatural playing Rayman with 2 dimensions.
Please don't screw up like in Rayman 3 on the GBA, Ubisoft.



KeeperBvK said:

Rayman 3 on the N-Gage was an absolutely good (not outstanding) game and it's pretty much identical to the GBA version...and going back from 3D Raymen to 2D ones also is no problem at all IMHO...



TJ_Spyke said:

legochesser, this is not a new game, it's just a port of the original Rayman game.



Mikarlo said:

I never played the original for the PS...is it a worthy enough port or should I just find the PS version?



tazoop said:

I actually played the original on the 3DO, not the PS. It rocked and I'm excited to see it back and can't wait to d/l it



Rensch said:

So it is the first game again. They did release it on PSN too, so I'd love to see it on VC as well.



Heywood said:

I don't think this game is worth its price, maybe it should be turned into 500 points...



Wodd said:

I have watched some videos and seen some screenshots of the game. It appears to be quite similar to the version for Windows (which is the one that I have played most often). I only ever recall playing that version and Rayman Advance. Rayman Advance is, perhaps, a tad bit of a disappointment (as far as graphics and sound go), but that is also when pitting it directly against the version for Windows. I am not sure that version can be beat in that aspect, although the DSiWare version certainly appears to be much more similar in terms of graphics and sound than Rayman Advance (though the sounds being lowered an octave or two is kind of odd). I have not played the game on DSiWare (as I do not own a DSi, although I think that I am going to get one soon primarily because of this game and another game) (Bookworm) (http://www.popcap.com/games/dsi/bookworm) (perhaps a couple other games, but I will find that out when I look at the shop itself). Something that would be nice to see is Insaniquarium (http://www.popcap.com/games/insaniquarium/?mid=insaniquarium_pc_en_full) for DSiWare.



wiigamer93 said:

I used to love this game on the PS1. Hands up: who thinks this should be a Virtual Console title on the Wii as well?



PikaPikaHugsx3 said:

When I first got this game, I was like "ahh it looks so good" but after I tried it, I got upset. Too be honest, I'm not going to say it's bad but it isn't great either. A big turn off is how you need to take a picture whenever you want to save of where you left off recently

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