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Mon 21st Dec 2009

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Wodd commented on Rayman:

I have watched some videos and seen some screenshots of the game. It appears to be quite similar to the version for Windows (which is the one that I have played most often). I only ever recall playing that version and Rayman Advance. Rayman Advance is, perhaps, a tad bit of a disappointment (as far as graphics and sound go), but that is also when pitting it directly against the version for Windows. I am not sure that version can be beat in that aspect, although the DSiWare version certainly appears to be much more similar in terms of graphics and sound than Rayman Advance (though the sounds being lowered an octave or two is kind of odd). I have not played the game on DSiWare (as I do not own a DSi, although I think that I am going to get one soon primarily because of this game and another game) (Bookworm) ( (perhaps a couple other games, but I will find that out when I look at the shop itself). Something that would be nice to see is Insaniquarium ( for DSiWare.