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Do you like music? Do you like platforms? Do you like pink bird-like things? Do you like the jungle? You'll love Maestro! Green Groove edition! So jump in and enjoy this wonderful feeling of being a virtuoso using your heart, stylus and voice. Everything you do is music – EVERYTHING! Hit the spiders to play some drums, shoot the fruit to bring out the melody, pinch the strings to play the tune and so on. Challenge the mischievous Staccato the Spider in a melodious battle in which the most talented one will win. For those of you who have no fear, once you have finished the adventure, you can activate the SING/WHISTLE mode to bug everyone around you with your precious talents. And for the talented ones, there is an improvisation mode in which you'll play the levels with the instruments and at the speed of your choice. Enjoy, Maestros from all around the world!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A medley of musical mayhem

We've already seen several companies break their past retail releases down into pieces and sell them off as individual DSiWare releases, so it really comes as no surprise to see Neko Entertainment following suit with their first DSiWare release Maestro!...

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edhe said:

From what I can gather, this game is a smaller version of a retail game , of which was only released in Europe (The idiot publishers only seemed to order about 10 for the whole of the continent)

Here is footage of the DS game that you will never own.
Unless they do happen to release it in North America (and with enough copies to satisfy even the lowest demand).

I will definitely purchase this DSiWare when it's released in Europe.



Corbs said:

I imported the European release awhile back. A great game indeed. Better to get it in DSiWare pieces than not at all. :)

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