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Sun 16th Aug 2009

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DSi-user commented on Review: Electroplankton Luminarrow (DSiWare):

yes i have watched videos and read different reviews on this one ( and they all are good.) i may get this, but im a little concerned after i got beatnes and was pretty dissapointed. i didnt like how it only reapeated four quick times.



DSi-user commented on Dragon Quest Wars:

to tell the truth, i thought this review was done very poor. i got the game after reading the review and ratings, and it looked pretty good. so i got it... and it was horrible!!! very short in story ( well not really any story, just 1 to 2 dozen fights, and 3 our 4 worlds, each only having three fights.) there was pretty much no custimization, only picking four team members. and they all look very dum and there's only five to chose from. No real bad guy. And overall very much so dissapointed me. I hope everyone takes my word. If you want a good game get the battle of giants: dragons- bronze edition, very, very fun.