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  • News Monster Hunter 4's Insect Staff Weapon Attributes Detailed

    Buffs and evolving bugs to feature

    Monster Hunter 4 is now less than two months away from release in Japan, with Capcom unsurprisingly ramping up the hype generator for the occasion. Its latest burst of fresh information, as translated from the official website by Siliconera, is focused on one of the two new weapons — the Insect Staff. While the...

  • News Capcom Reveals More of Monster Hunter 4's Chico Village

    Felyne good

    While Monster Hunter 4 still represents a distant dream for many of us, its Japanese release on 14th September creeps ever closer. As a result Capcom is dishing up regular snippets of information for the Japanese market, while those of us elsewhere can look on as interested parties that can only hope. As translated by Siliconera, more...


  • News Monster Hunter Details Revealed During Capcom Event

    A monstrous amount of content

    Monster Hunter 4 finally has a firm release date for Japan, which now prompts franchise fans in the West to start counting the days to a localisation reveal. Japan is truly the series' homeland, however, with handheld entries in particular being a major boon to Nintendo; Monster Hunter 3 G played a notable role in the...



  • News Capcom Comments On Monster Hunter 4 Vita Rumours

    Best not to believe everything you read

    Not so long ago we reported on a rumour that was spreading like wildfire across the internet. According to Japanese magazine GameLab, the upcoming 3DS title Monster Hunter 4 hasn't been delayed for further quality enhancements - as Capcom has officially stated - it is in fact simultaneously being developed for...

  • Rumour Monster Hunter 4 Delay Is Due To PS Vita Port

    We hope this isn't true

    If we could give the "Rumour" prefix on this news story additional emphasis, then we would - because this one needs to be taken with a sizable pinch of salt. Japanese magazine GameLab is reporting that the delay of Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS isn't due to quality improvements - as stated by Capcom - but because the game is...

  • News This New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Will Bring Out The Beast In You

    Fresh footage from 3DS epic emerges

    Capcom has released a new trailer for the forthcoming 3DS title Monster Hunter 4, and it's predictably packed with foul beasts, stunning landscapes and - surprisingly - what appears to be a cooking cat. The game hits Japan later this year, following the delay of its proposed March release. Western players will...



  • News Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Stomp Into View

    Monster mash

    To neatly complement this morning's news regarding the European release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, here's a large helping of Monster Hunter 4 goodness in the form of 24 entirely fresh screenshots, issued by those lovely folks at Capcom Japan. The 3DS exclusive is due to launch in Japan in March next year, with a western release...