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Otaku-ish >3<

Female, 15, United States

I love to draw and post my art onto Instagram... I am still waiting for the day when Flipnote Studio 3D will be released!!! Nintendo is seriously 4 months late...

Tue 10th Dec 2013

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takeabowandwave commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

I am tired of waiting... The sole reason I bought a 3DS was for Flipnote Studio 3D. The release has been delayed for four months now, and we've been waiting for about 6 months for this to come out. Flipnote Hatena could have been held out longer. I would at least like to know what is going on. A nice "Yeah, we're working on it, it will come out soon" or something along the lines would be great. Not knowing anything about this sucks... I am still waiting for the day when the official release date will be revealed!:I