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The classic top-down shooter, now playable in 3D!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Xevious goes 3D

When Xevious first hit arcades back in 1982, it became known for its odd visual style and unique sound effects. Now, after a number of releases on various platforms over the past 30 years, the game now makes an appearance on Nintendo's 3DS system via the...

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Nintendo Download: 21st July 2011 (Europe)

21st July 2011 (Europe)

3D Classics Xevious is here!

Now everyone's had their fill of the first game in the 3D Classics series, the NES favourite 3D Classics: Excitebike, it's time to kick it into second gear with the next instalment. Elsewhere there's a 3DS VC game and a trio on DSiWare, though WiiWare and the Wii Virtual Console take the week off. 3DS eShop: 3D Classics:...

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MF_MaxiMillion said:

This week? Hooray! I hope it doesn't cost as much as Excitebike now is, because must it have not been free for a limited time I would never have downloaded it. That stuff never entertained me, nor in 3D.



Kifa said:

@ MaxiMillionG - it actually will cost the exact same amount of money. Excitebike was sort of a promotion to everyone who purchased 3DS early, but Nintendo needs to make money and no more free 3D Classics for us. I'm holding up on this one until a review comes up anyway.



Samholy said:

i mean. until i see the eshop price, i might get it or leave it.
so much better shooters came fter this one. if its like excite bike, aa problem of comparison will occur.
like so many 3d classic will do.

this is the main problem with 3d classics. it involves a lot of work to remaster the classic, when stronger or deeper game experiences in the same genre occured years after the original.

the price now seem too much when you compare on content or richness you can get with similar newer titles.

anyway, illl have to make my mind wether i get it or NOT.



McRokert said:

i am still not sure, am im buying this one or not, i think i will get game and watch and will playing that i will make my decision



tovare said:

I'm looking forward to the review, but I'll get this anyway. There's several nice shmup's for the DS so this wouldn't be at the top of my list.I think the 3D depth-perception eye-candy might benefit this game ... I like it when game developers understate technical prowess and just use features like 3D to add the little touch a game needs to make it great, and they appear to have added paralax-scrolling clouds. It might be very cool to take that ship for a spin. (But we really need more mordern shmup's for the 3DS than this).



tovare said:

The 3d depth is pretty cool, max it out if you can. I'll have to get into this game



Geonjaha said:

It's actually fortunate that we got Excitebike for free. It let us see that these 3D-Classics are never going to be worth £5.40, and saves us the money we would have wasted trying them out. Thank you Nintendo, I shan't be getting any more of them



tovare said:

@sam322, after 2 hrs of playtime i would say that it is worth it, provided you like old-school shooters. Much more fun than excitebike.



Steviis_Father said:

There was a review made by Nintendolife's Darren Calvert (back in 2007 for the VC release), and it's pretty in-depth on the game's strengths & (albeit, despite its more abundant) weaknesses. Having had so many shooters come out after it doesn't help it age any better.


Still, though this 3D update will be adding a little more visual "pizazz" to the already dated Solvalou adventure (with the bomb-dropping & environments below your ship undoubtedly popping up impressively), I can't help thinking that a game like Twinbee (which shares bomb-dropping anyway) would be better served in 3D than Xevious.

What do you guys think?



SaKo said:

I saw the video of it in 3d and it looks awesome!!! The plane is popping out!



tovare said:

@steviis_father The NES review has some good points, which also applies to the 3DS release. The 3DS combines the same gameplay, but with mildly enhanced visuals and perhaps better than a Mame emulation, becuse the 3D effect replicates how one might remember the game not how it actually was. It deserves a couple of more points more due to retro-awesomness, despite the fact that hundreds of shooters improved upon it in the years after.



StarDust4Ever said:

Quote Darren's review of the NES version: "With shmup competition from the likes of Gradius, R-Type and Super Star Soldier already on the Virtual Console it is hard to recommend this ancient arcade classic. It’s far from being a bad game, but it has dated quite badly. We recommend you spend your points elsewhere unless you happen to be a nostalgic fan."

I wish they'd do a 3D remake like this with Namco's Galaga. Oh, wait, it's due out on retail next week, along with PacMan!



Steviis_Father said:

The IGN review is a good one that takes into account the 30-years, whilst praising this new update on its own improved merit. Read it & decide for yourself, while we wait for Nintendolife to review the game...



Steviis_Father said:

I find it funny how my little idea for Twinbee actually saw a 3D:Classics release... just not in the US... crud.

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