Topic: Playing Skyward Sword drunk.

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I find I can't be bothered playing games after more than a couple of beers, but I find sitting back and enjoying one or two while playing my game of the moment is a nice way to relax...

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VincentV wrote:

I know. But you hurt your teammate's scores and the team overall. Or yourself. And what's the point? It's stupid. I apply strategy in all games, from Call of Duty, to Mario Kart, to Fire Emblem. Who would play when they left half their brain in the kitchen?

Beer + Friends + SSB Brawl = Good times
Beer + By yourself + Any single player game = botched depressing experience, your attention span might be degraded ect ect.

At least that's the way I see it.
Also, never play the 3DS drunk, seeing that shnazzy 3D effect is a lot trickier to see obviously.

Overall, I'd rather not be under the influence....Because if I am, playing videogames would be the last thing I'd want to be Unless i have a few beers with my buds and we decide to do a little SSB Brawl gambling....Now that's when things really get INtense.

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DavynD wrote:

WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

O: That sounds like fun.



You people and you influences...



it's great if you decide not to drink, but if it offends you somehow, please feel free to go ahead and ignore this thread. some of us here are responsible adults and enjoy getting tipsy now and again, and we can handle ourselves just fine, I promise. :3

edit: this is your warning: please stop with the quoting chains. thank you!

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I would think Skyrim would be fun to play while drunk, even if it is single player only


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pikmaniac wrote:

I would think Skyrim would be fun to play while drunk

I can confirm this to be true

What's this bit for again?


What do you think of playing Fzero while being dru.... are you all idiots?


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I struggle with F-Zero when I'm sober, drunk = Crashes and lots of em!

What's this bit for again?


That's not good!

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NintendoLife is fun to play while drunk.
I do not condone drunk foruming

GuardianKing wrote:

Lucky adults who can drink....


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Drunken gaming is good with friends. Toking the sticky icky is even better. Its an amazing experience in Hyrule high

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the katamari games can be strangely entertaining whilst under the influence, especially with the audio turned way up. something about the noises the babies, sheep and gangsters make on being rolled up gets funnier and funnier...

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Probably nobody here knows about it, but playing Aces High Arena when drunk was really an unforgettable experience.



Playing GTA drunk would be fun.

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The vs mode in super mario 3, ended up playing it for hours after the bar

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