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What do y'all think will be the next single band-based Guituar Hero game? So far we've got the Beatles and Aerosmith

I think: Guituar Hero: Pink Floyd

I'd like to hear your thoughts!

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Beatles is for RockBand not guitar hero... but im being pedantic, but to answe your question I wouldnt actually mind a Green Day Guitar Hero. Also I would like the option of using a head mike so you could do vocals and guitar at the same time.

Guitar Hero Band Spin offs so far are -
Aerosmith, Matallica and Van Halen.

and Rock Band have -
ACDC (live) and the upcoming The Beatles - Rock Band

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The Next Guitar Hero...

...should be cancelled.



Guitar Hero Dinosaur Pilot

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I would like to see Guitar Hero Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath.

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Guitar Hero: Nine Inch Nails

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A U2 Rock Band would be an insta-buy for me and my family. In fact, I probably wouldn't have to buy it myself. If I said that to my dad (even being the every-once-in-a-while player he is now, which is sad, considering he used to play SMW and TMNT IV with me all the time when I was young), he'd go out and get it instantly. A Guitar Hero version would be fine, but I think U2 would fit better with Rock Band.

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I would consider buying it for Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I would avoid like the plague for Guitar Hero: Marilyn Manson


Well other than the comfirmed ones that I still need to get, being Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Metallica, & the upcomming Van Halen which is a most excellent choice (Bill & Ted speak)!
I'm most definately wishfully thinking that they needs to so badly need to be a Def Leppard Guitar Hero game; for that would so definatly ROCK ON! Imagines playing Rock of Ages with a Guitar Hero controller!



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