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Mama+Luigi wrote:

anthonyb wrote:

I think the limit here should be one character. A list is not a "favorite". Oh well. :/

Yes thats right but i dont think a whole new tread would have been required.

True that. I suppose if you have a list, your #1 is considered your absolute fave.

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All time fav?
Solid Snake

Now for honorable mentions
Leon Belmont
Billy (Double Dragon)
Gilius Thunderhead



Here is my top three.

1st. Mario
2nd. Sonic
3rd. Samus Aran

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You're looking at him. (Flint!)

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Leon Kennedy

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1. Solid Snake
2. Harman Smith (Killer 7)
3. Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)

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Cloud Strife FFVII
others r mario link agent G Leon kennedy albert wesker mallow



The Pokemon Trainer from Gold and Silver (I like how he wears his hat backwards )
Or Link because he is generally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!



1) Link, because he was never ruined with crappy dialogue.
2) "I am Error" from Zelda 2 - ruined, but gloriously so.
3) Sonic - His "'tude" was so cool in the early nineties (when he didn't speak, he just had a too cool for school expression and good marketing). I like to look at Sonic Adventure (and later) games in the same way I look at Adam West in Batman. We may never know if he was serious or going for camp value, but either way it's entertainment.

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Favorite game characters? Hmm.

Well, it's hard to choose my alltime favorite as there's just too many, but I'd have to say Link.

Honorable mentions:
Guru-Guru - Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask - N64/N64
Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic and the Black Knight - DC/Wii
Jack Cayman - MadWorld - Wii
The Prince - Prince of Persia/Prince of Persia - NES/Xbox 360

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Link is the best character of all time! IMO

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I like Goemon a lot from the Mystical Ninja series, but I'd probably have to go with Sonic



leon+x wrote:

-Gen (street fighter alpha 3)

-Magnus (Ogre Battle 64)

-John Talbain (darkstalkers)

-Wolverine (marvel vs capcom)

-Ike (fire emblem)

-Samus (metroid)

-Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

-Leon Kenedy (Resident Evil 2)

-Batman (batman [nes])

-Piccolo (dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi)

Okay, seriously? Wolverine, Picclo, and Batman as your favorite video game characters? Let me get your head stright. Batman and Wolverine originated in comics and Piccolo originated in manga. Please change your list, otherwise your going to see more from this from other people.

Anyway, my very favorite video game character has to be Sonic the Hedgehog and original Mega Man. Mario used to be my favorite but thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic took over, and Mega Man is also fighting for the top spot. In the forums I'm in, I use mostly Mega Man and Sonic avatars, although I do use an Ness avatar in White Shadow, so you can call him a nominee.


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Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

Please change your list, otherwise your going to see more from this from other people.

Please change your face.

But seriously, there's nothing wrong with that list. They are characters that exist in video games, and they are alongside characters that originated in games, too. People can post what they want and shouldn't have to meet with your approval.

Little Nemo was one of my favorite NES characters, and I only recently found he is from a movie which is in turn from a comic strip! I heard the movie's bad though.

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Even though Jenna from Golden Sun is my avatar, I'm going to have to say Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia. Never has a character fit so perfectly into the roles as snarky genius/mentor/comic relief at the same time. I laugh every time so goes into Ruin Mode or beats Lloyd for being an idiot, and she does it quite a bit.

Jenna's a close second, though.

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Mario, Link, and Samus. Respectably. Err repetitively. Oh I give up...

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If you couldn't tell from my avatar my favorite is Wario! WAHAHAHA Time to eat some garlic, scratch my ass, and fart in peoples faces.



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