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Tell Namco that Project CARS is what (some) Wii U owners want!!!

I want to tell publishers what I want instead of waiting to be fed the usual crap by them.

In the last year or so we have seen a number of attempts by Wii U owners to use Miiverse as a way of telling Nintendo or other publishers what we think and what we want. We've had some funny unsuccessful ones like Rayman and some unexpected great ones like Bayonetta.

I would like this thread to be the birthplace of as many successful campaigns to get the games we want on Wii U and even on VC. If we all stick together and keep demanding certain ports or VC games it will get noticed. It won't always work but it won't work at all if we don't try.

My first (poor) effort was to try to get Kemco to bring Top Gear (SNES) to the VC:

I would love support in getting a remake or just a port of the SNES original. Below are a few games I would like to see on Wii U, publishers and a Miiverse page for each publisher:

Top Gear SNES - Kemco - "Togabitonosenritsu"
Pilotwings 64 - Nintendo - "any Nintendo game page"
Soul Calibur 2 HD - Namco - "Tekken Tag Tournament", "Pacman and the Ghostly Adventure"
Street Fighter 2 HD Online - Capcom - "RE-Revelations", "Street Fighter 2", "Megaman 1-X"
Theme Park/Syndicate (Wars)/Populous - Bullfrog/EA? "FIFA13", "NFS:MW", "Mass Effect 3", "Madden"

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ok, I am gonna activate myself on Miiverse for Project Cars

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yay, if one person saw my post, then my work here is done

I think I may have used too many words for this forum topic to catch on

I only posted this to get my avatar as the forum's thumbnail.


I honestly wish they would say something about N64 virtual console titles. Maybe a campaign for that?

  • Extreme G2
  • Jet Force Gemini
  • Cruisin Exotica
  • Bomberman 64
  • Shadows of the Empire
  • Mother 3

Wishful thinking I know...

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@PKpunky N64 games on the gamepad might actually stop me buying any more games this gen but I feel like it's worth asking for the N64 versions on the SNES pages of certain franchises where applicable

I only posted this to get my avatar as the forum's thumbnail.


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