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OK so, the only thing I wanna know ehre, because on Nintendo's site it says both systems need to be connected online....Is this only to DL transfer tools on boh systems, or is it actually required during transfer? Reason I'm asking is because my preference while gaming is to keep each console/machine directly connected to my cable modem 1 at a time, with modem reset when needed. Only other thing I wasn't too sure about was the overall system memory seeings how they only tell you imn blocks, and I currently hav a Wii 2GB Sd card, but nothing came with 32GB Wii U bundle. If anyone has any info, leave a reply back. thanks!

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You should ask these questions on the Wii U discussion thread.

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Uhm, this IS the Wii U discussion thread? Besides, half the time you try to ask these types of questions to support teams you usually get back an automated response, half of which fail to fully answer my ?, which is why I'm asking info from people who might've already gone through the process. So yeah, i'm still in need of an answer.

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I'm sorry but the process will require both of them to be online

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I suspect the reason the Wii needs to be online is to verify your shop purchase information is legit.

Reading other threads (I haven't done this myself) there are two important things to note: the transfer only takes stuff off your Wii's internal storage and is a one-time-only operation, so if you have more WiiWare/VC content than you can fit in there, you'll just have to download the balance of it again on your Wii U following transfer. Consequently the SD card you use needs to have enough space to do a full copy, which I believe is 512MB, so 2GB (also the size of my SD card) should be plenty. Once complete your Wii is apparently wiped clean of all download and shop purchase info - as if you had formatted it; he SD card is also apparently wiped.

I've pre-ordered a basic unit and I've already cleared out unnecessary stuff on my Wii and filled it with as much of the WiiWare and VC games as I could. I'm hopeful that save files for games with online components you cannot ordinarily copy (in my case Samurai Warriors 3 and Bit.Trip Complete) will also be copied.

Obviously if anyone has corrections to what I've said, feel free.

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