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is anyone else noticing this? i didnt really buy the wii U, too poor. but i went over to gamestop to sell some old games on xbox, and i saw the console there as a demo. i tried it out, and it felt pretty horrible. anyone else find the gamepad uncomfortable? the controller's comfort is playing a big role on whether i should get one for my great-great-great grandkids or not, (i'm going to use it more though).

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I feel the same way, just the way the buttons and everything are placed are odd and uncomfortable.

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It actually felt really comfortable to me. Well since it was a demo you may have to buy one or try a friends and play around with let it your hands get used to the Gamepad.

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I think it feels fine.

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It's just a new control method. You might need to get used to it first

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When I tried it at my local Gamestop, the reason why it felt a little uncomfortable was because it was restricted on a cord (to prevent it from being stolen). The cord was rather short, so I was holding the controller fairly oddly.


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I loved it. Maybe you dont have the thumbs. I feel the same about Xbox.

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From what I played It felt fine and I got used to immediately.

That's probably just because of my flexibility with control schemes though.

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I held it a few times at Target and I found it to be alot more comfortable than I thought it would be. I was thinking that it would be alot more heavier than it was, but this is just my opinion.

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One of the more comfortable controllers I've used personally. Fits my hand like a glove ergonomically, I only found the width to be a bit awkward.

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LZBirdboi wrote:

It's just a new control method. You might need to get used to it first

Exactly. It's hardly worth complaining about it within the first day. Give yourself some time to ajust before criticising it.

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19Robb92 wrote:

One of the more comfortable controllers I've used personally. Fits my hand like a glove ergonomically, I only found the width to be a bit awkward.

the gamecube controller fits more like a glove than the wii U controller. the wii U controller feels more like a deformed controller to me than an actual controller. maybe i should get the pro-controller? anyone?


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I haven't had enough time with the GamePad to say for sure, but it feels fine. However, I don't agree with the unfavorable reviews of the Pro controller. That thing feels great to me. The only problem is that it takes 4.5 hours to completely recharge, and Wii U has to be ON the entire time = GamePad is on and using up its power. EDIT: Just found out you can put the GamePad's screen in sleep mode, so the GamePad won't use energy while the Pro is charging.

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It's not quite as comfortable as a standard controller but it works fine for me. The odd dimensions are something you'll get used to after a bit of playtime.

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I find the GamePad to be extremely comfortable - especially when using the D-pad for NSMBU. To be honest, I didn't expect to become accustom to it this quickly.

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Its very comfortable, I was surprised how comfortable it turned out to be



I find it quite comfortable. In fact, I'm posting this reply with the GamePad.

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I find it very uncomfortable.


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Very comfortable.

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