Topic: wii U gamepad uncomfortable?

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It felt fine when I felt it at Target.

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I felt that way at first, but I think I'm getting used to it.


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Uncomfortable? I got used to it the second I held it..

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I'm really unhappy with the Wii U gamepad, and I bought one. It is really uncomfortable, I don't even want to play any games using this thing, and the Wii U pro controller is SO MUCH BETTER. I just bought Nano Assault, and it has no pro controller support in single player, and you HAVE to use the gamepad. I really I thought I would like it, but I hate it. someone really needs to make some clip on grips to make it more ergonomic, because as it is, I think Nintendo did a horrible job.



I can't say it's uncomfortable, I found the controller very comfortable even with my big hands. Of course it could be better though, wish the back grips were a little bigger so I could fit the palm of my hands around it more comfortably. In all seriousness though this is probably one of the better controllers I ever held, way more comfortable than the PS3 controller. Can't speak for the Pro as I don't have one yet but I'd imagine it feels nice since it's shaped like the Xbox 360 controller and it has more natural thumbstick positions than the Xbox 360, they are both symmetrical instead of one being stretched out more.

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I guess little baby Nintendo hands, can't handle new things.

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It strikes me as the type of controller you can tell just by looking at it, that you'll either love it or hate it.

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