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Hey! guys,

Quick question, can any of you tell me the pro's/con's of this game, and more importantly what's the most you'd pay for it?

Thanks! in advance for any feedback, much appreciated.



You should read NL's review. The most you'll pay is $40.00


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Yeah! I read NL's review, I was just wondering what the general feel about the game was from people on these forums really, as for the price I was basically just asking how much the game is worth paying out for, and I was wondering if the Wii U version is the best version to get etc.



Me and my friends have loved it, we've seen it like an evolution of the game Diddy Kong Racing (in terms of gameplay). I think it's all worth the price.

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Yes! I noticed Amazon had it at this price which is why I thought I'd ask about it on these forums. I'll give it some more thought & may take a chance.



it's a little harder to get into than Mario Kart, but other than that, it's an amazing game. try the demo out first to see if you like it though, if you want

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The only problem I have with it,is that it can be a bit too hard,and the weapons aren't that SEGA-ry.

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There's a demo on the eShop, why not try that?

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In mario kart you know where you are going. In sonic, you dont.



It's the first time I've tried this series and I'm not all that impressed. Maybe I'm too used to Mario Kart, but I don't feel the same charm with this game. Motion controls, if that's your gig, could use a lot of help — at least with the flying mechanic.

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It's better than every Mario Kart since Double Dash, IMO. The tracks are fantastic, and off-TV play for 5 player play is a great option.

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Hanguard wrote:

In mario kart you know where you are going. In sonic, you dont.

I actually see that as a good thing, you learn to quickly adapt and really pay attention to your surroundings. Makes the races more intense.



Awesome Game, plays like Mario Kart, but, your vehicle transforms, which makes things quite interesting, heres a video playthrough of the demo if you have not played it. I cant wait to get the full game



I read @abINC4L's review and I agree with most of it, but a 9,5 is too high imo. I'm not that fond of the boat's controls. It can be very undirect and unforgiving, and not knowing where to go doesn't help/ The amount of content is amazing though! I'm in about 5 hours and I haven't even touched the GP's.

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We've got a thread for Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed here if you need any more help or have any more questions about the game. Enjoy! :3

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