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Hey, I was watching reviews of Skylanders Giants and it looks like a good game. I was wondering people's opinions on it. I really like Pokemon and collecting monsters. I was just kind of curious about how much money would I have to spend to have a good time with the game? If you play it, ho w much have you spent on figures?

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Well, I have the first one... Ideally, you'd want at least one Skylander of every element to see all the content, then there's extra areas some pieces unlock... But if you don't get that, just getting one of every element, you'd spend about $40 extra aside from the starter set... Though you could beat the game with just the starter set. It's easy to get carried away and buy another figure here or there though.

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It's a fun game, to be sure. The biggest problem is that there just isn't enough content.
You'll probably get about 3 hours at the most from each figure you buy(exclusion of doing Heroics, for which you need to buy more figures to unlock anyway), if you don't completely rush with them. ... In Hard mode which gives less gold. A decent amount of content BUT every figure costs $10-$12. It's certainly fun though I don't totally feel my moneys' worth from the hours I've gotten(except on my Sprocket figures, hahahah!).

If you buy the eight figures you need to 100% the game you should get about 12-14 hours and a bit more for final upgrades on Hard. You can do Nightmare afterwards as well(it's quite a bit more challenging than Hard), which gives you an extra hat(though you can only set the hat on through Nightmare).

Skylanders Universe is a free browser game that might interest you for a bit. It has lots of replay value. You can get all of your toys to Level 50 each, and there are loads of objectives and achievements to complete, so that's okay for replay value. It gets repetitive, though(well... So does the main game!).

Adventure Packs are only money spinners. With the exception of Sunburn, none of the characters in them are notable, all the levels except Darklight Crypt are mediocre(Pirate Seas is easily the worst in the franchise), and the game isn't hard enough to warrant Magic Items.

In conclusion, it's pretty fun, so give it a shot, but consider what you get for the price before going crazy. It's really something you should decide on by playing yourself.

Alternatively, you could try Spyro's Adventure for cheaper, but that's a much more easy and bland game to the extent I actually cried at its overly generous design(I'm replaying it now- I don't even understand why).

... And a little pointer: you can always just buy figures, read them through the packaging, unlock stuff with them, then reset them and return them.

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