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so i been planning to get the wonderful 101 game but does anyone know when it actually comes out? i thought it came out next month on the 26?

amazon says dec 31 2013

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Not announced yet.



Last mentioned, it was slated for launch window if I recall, but lack of news leads me to believe it will be later than that. But maybe Nintendo will surprise is with a March release, stranger things have happened.

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I'm thinking April or May. There's were games at launch worth having, some coming out in March, and a couple coming out in Summer like Pikmin, I think. I'm sure there will be at least a couple games(incuding this game) that will come out between March and the end of summer.


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I'm hoping we'll see Wii Fit U soon as well - I've been months without my morning yoga!

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If you have any further questions about The Wonderful 101, please feel free to use this thread here to ask or to discuss the game in general. Enjoy! :3

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