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I would love to see a Paper Mario on the Wii U. Or they should just remake Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. It's one of my favorite games of all time. Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star were not that great in my opinion. Thoughts?

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Why do we have two same threads here?

Anyways, I do look forward for the next paper mario game as long as they learn from Sticker star and make a REAL RPG!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry in the other one i said sorry for the double post



i haven't played sticker star yet, and to be honest i got sick of the wii one the closer to the end i got. it had some neat mechanics, but the pointless dry dialogue was killing me. i usually enjoy the humour in these games, but that one just didnt do it for me. the first one was awesome, and thousand year door was great too. i would rather see them make a mario+luigi style rpg for the wii u.

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@Nitro_Hamster: YOu can delete the other one just click on the upper right corner of the original post and a delete option will appear. Click on that to delete the thread.

Besides we also have an ongoing thread about thoughts of Paper Mario on the Wii U right here

Feel free to join in on the conversation there.

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