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misswliu81 wrote:

my guesses are animal crossing, a mario game based on new super mario bros mii, chase mii demo with the mii's with the toad heads from E3 of last year, and i think the last one involves birdo, because it looks like her.

Would be kind of weird if AC got 2 minigames..

I personally think the flower is gonna be a game based on Pikmin, the Mario one is probably gonna be Chase Mii, one is obviously based on Yoshi and IMO the grey one looks more like the G&W game Octupus - so possibly a underwater game.

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I'm pretty sure the Mario one is Chase Mii, but I'm assuming they've changed it somehow which is why they haven't showed it yet. Then again, it could be a totally new game, since there's already a couple of games that are similar to Chase Mii in Nintendo Land already.

I don't think that one is Birdo because 1. It doesn't really look like birdo and 2. it's gray. If it were Birdo I would think it would be pink.


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DudeSean wrote:

Super Smash Mii - A simple smash bros. style game. Mostly resembling the Nintendo 64 version. You can only play as Miis. You basically just have the typical A-button attacks, hitting or smashing in each direction. Then all the standard items from the Smash Bros. games would fall down during battles as usual. Just a small selection of stages, similar to the N64's selection. Only a versus mode and survival mode. In survival mode, you have to fight an infinite onslaught of Miis taken from the system's memory.

Best. Idea. Ever. Nintendo should hire this guy.

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