Topic: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge as a WII U launch Title

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I could care less for a Wii U 3D gaiden, What 'I' want(because as we all know that's all that really mega matters muhaha) is a Ninja Gaiden IV sequal for the NES, on the WiiWare service.

Really though, 2D Ninja Gaiden wipes the floor over 3D Ninja Gaiden it's not even funny.

Have you played a 3D ninja Gaiden. They basically took the core concept of the 2D games (very hard and tight gameplay) and translated it into 3D. You can get Black from games on demand.

Oh i know, it's just I don't find it as fun in 3D. I miss the more simplistic 2D traditional gameplay from the NES originals.
3D hack and slash(not matter how skilled they are) just don't appeal to me.

Fair enough.

I hope they do a Reboot of the series and DOA after this one. Maybe a DD game in 2D. Like Shinobi for 3DS.


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this game will be an excuse to actually beat Ninja Gaiden 1

...or Ninja Gaiden 1 (I have both )

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