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skywake wrote:

I don't see how someone saying they're hyped about indie games is any different from a GameBoy owner back in the day saying their favourite games were Tetris and Dr Mario. Same thing really.

I see what you're saying, and I'm not saying that simpler games like those two or indie games can't be good, they absolutely can be. The main difference is that the games you mentioned were originally released several console generations ago, when there were no 3D, graphically intensive games. I myself have spent many, many hours playing Dr. Mario and Tetris, but I purchased those games for my original Gameboy and NES (Actually I bought Tetris on my LG Chocolate Flip back in like 2006 as well, but that only solidifies my argument). Despite having numerous re-releases of these games for various home consoles, I have never bought any of them again.

It basically comes down to my feeling that I didn't spend good money on the latest and greatest home console just to play games that I could play on the PC I already owned, or the smartphone, or a much cheaper android console like the Ouya or something. For instance, I spent a lot of time (regrettably) playing Candy Crush on my phone. If they released this for the Wii U as an e-shop game between DKTF and MK8, should that count as a respectable gap filler? A lot of people like it, lots of people have played it... But I personally wouldn't count it as a real Wii U game, it would just be a game that you can play on a Wii U.

To each his own though. Everyone has their own interests. I really want that Cube game from the video you posted on another thread. Now that's a game!


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