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LollipopChoSaw wrote:

It saddens me that there is so little understanding about sexism and feminist theory in display here. I guess that is kinda the point of feminist theory though, so I guess I should thank you guys - I now have sound proof the feminists are right.

Right about what?

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I really enjoy how angry a few of you are getting that some of us have dared to view the Mario series as sexist. Your offensive statements are warming the cockles of my heart, I assure you, but nothing you say will change the fact that the Mario series is sexist.

no one's asking you to stop playing the games. all we're trying to do is help you see what's in plain sight before you. you can stick your heads in the sand all you like and flail about protesting the fact that we see this sexism for what it is, but that doesn't make this — and many other games, movies, TV shows, books, etc. and so forth — somehow not-sexist in nature. some of us here on the forums posting alongside you this very minute are women living in a man's world, and it's easy for a man to write these things off like they're nothing because you don't have to deal with them every day, but we do. every day we're reminded that we're the 'inferior' sex, every day we're told that we are weak and we should be meek and submissive around men — not always with words, but symbolism, subliminal messages, and body language say everything you're not saying with your mouths.

to those of you who have taken this opportunity to be offensive and deliberately dense, own what you're doing, maybe think a little bit harder about how your actions — and the things you encounter in your daily life — affect others around you of all shapes, sizes, colors, races, and creeds, and then move on. we don't need apologies or pity or whatever it is you think we want from you; all we need is to be treated the same way you'd treat any of your peers. continuing to argue the point is fruitless.
to those who have chosen to debate the topic rationally and without intending to offend, I thank you.

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