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(Reviving game specific zombie threads is ok, I think?)

Anyway, I just wanted to brag at defeating the 2 Black Diablos G rank mission. There was only just under 5 minutes remaining, and I'd been carted twice. It's the first G rank mission I've completed since transferring my save over from the 3DS version so I could enjoy it in glorious HD.

I'm still making slow progress in this game and want to hunt all the large monsters, even though Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gets most of my attention now.

Articuno is being kind and cooling down this hot weather.

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crimsontadpoles wrote:

(Reviving game specific zombie threads is ok, I think?)

I think if you revived this just to say something stupid, then...yeah, not ok. But this game's online is still up and running as far as I know....And you didn't bump it with a stupid spam post, so I say you're ok. xD

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