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Gods Among Us. I wonder if it will be any good. That Marvel fighting game was very meh so I'm hoping this will be far better.


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I can't wait! it looks like one of the deepest fighters ever!! I just want to be batman!!! and possibly kick superman's butt!

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So is it going to be similar to the most recent Mortal Kombat?

Here is a new petition to get Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence on the Wii U!!!


yeah im getting the wiiU version should it recieve the special editon



The combat and character designs are looking great in that video, I hope it plays just as good.

Here is a new petition to get Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence on the Wii U!!!


I haven't really played or enjoyed a fighter since the original SF2 but maybe I should look at this and Tekken.

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I'm not a superhero fan so I will wait for another fighter.

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I just wanna play as Grundy. >:3

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Not sure yet if I want to get this version or the Xbox version. If I can afford it I will for sure get the special edition which is only available on PS3 and Xbox. If I dont have enough than I just might get the Wii U version just to have another game on the Wii U since I already have a bunch on the Xbox.

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I wouldn't mind it.

Is it going to be as bloody as Mortal Kombat?

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No it won't. DC wouldn't allow it to be.


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This game looks pretty promising. I wonder if Bane's special will be breaking his opponent's back... that would be awesome!



I'm rather surprised to see that next to nobody else knew this had been confirmed months ago.



I'm not a big super Hero fan either(Dragon Ball Z puts every single super hero 'whatever' to complete shame. wink wink), but this looks too bloody rad to pass up. It flows like a faster paced Mortal Kombat and I absolutely love how The Flash looks in action. I was debating on getting Tekken Tag 2 as my first Wii U fighter....But honestly, i can't stand the franchise even though i wanted to give it another chance. Thank goody for this. Don't let me down Ed Boon!

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