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The game is clearly about burning the past. And setting the pictures and letters of your only friends on fire.
And it's clearly about the cold winter. A true christmas game, and present as well.
The school bus is most peoples favourite "item" to burn. Is it because of the screaming kids and the freaking BOOOMB in the eND?!??
This game says lifes an expensive freakshow. It definately has a dark side to it. My favourite item is the snake prank.
Can't wait for the FREE UPDATE with the pink woods sugar plumps requested.
ah black dragon will u move it to the new eshop section pls?

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Bought this once out of curiosity, already recommended it to friends. This game is great, although nothing lasts forever.

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I don't know if this would be considered spoilers, but don't read this if you dont want to know anything about the game...

Does anyone know all the items that will make the face in the fireplace react? I know that the mouth opens and swallows the fireflies. Are there other times it does something like this? Other than the ending, of course.



^^i don't think there are many other ways you can get that to happen.


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Hanguard wrote:

Looks dull.

well, i can safely say it's not a game for everyone. at it's simplest, it's a virtual fireplace with a toy catalogue. but it's also a lot more fun playing the game than it is watching a bunch of nerds like us talk about it.

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0LD_SK0OL_PUNK wrote:

... but it's also a lot more fun playing the game than it is watching a bunch of nerds like us talk about it.

A lot of people sell the gameplay short, it is a proper puzzle game underneath the art and satire. But since mere words fail this game, here's a poem:

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bump its also for ipad but if you have iphone i have a workaround...

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mudjo wrote:

I finished this last night for the first time, the ending was touching. Just wondering, how do I get the alternate ending?

Heres How:

To get the secret ending, you must beat the game with the hug coupon.


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...The, Hug Coupon? o.0
(do I have to start over if I already beat the game?)

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I burned the hug coupon because I thought Miss Nancy was creepy for giving a random child a coupon for a hug from someone he barely even knows.

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I've seen the secret ending, trust me, you're not missing much. I'm almost sure you could argue DK64's secret ending (which btw was just a bizarre joke video thing) added more to the story.

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I bought this game a couple weeks ago and finished it. I have to say, it was definitely... a experience. It was really interesting and I'm glad I bought it.

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

...The, Hug Coupon? o.0
(do I have to start over if I already beat the game?)

all that happens is that Ms. Nancy gives you a hug. nothing big.


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This is the sort of game I'd spend a few minutes playing after stumbling upon it on Newgrounds. I don't think I'd ever spend money to try it, though. =/

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