Topic: Jump Ultimate Stars on Wii U,would you want it?

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Hmmm so this game is coming our for the Vita? It looks pretty fun! How much is a Vita going for these days? Might be time to pick one up, then my 3DS and my Vita can have little handheld babies!

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I had the original for a while when I started my life here in Japan as a study abroad student. While it is a fairly decent game, it does feel like a rip-off of Super Smash Brothers, and since I'm not really an anime person (yeah, a lot of people are surprised by that for some reason, but I came to Japan because I love speaking Japanese), I got bored with the game. It had download play but it was really limited and short. You only get the full effect of that game if two pwoplw are together and have the full version of the game.

I would classify it as a pretty good Smash Brothers clone, with decent music.

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I've played the download play with a friend. It was ok I guess. Would have rather played it with more people though.

And I really want to see some info on that Project J game!

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