Topic: Is there any chance nintendo will reveal a new star fox, f-zero, metroid at E3?

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Or am I just setting myself up for disappointment again? For the last two years I've been looking for nintendo to unveil a new star fox at E3. And each time I've been disappointed. I actually thought it was retro studios secret game. But it turned out to be stupid donkey kong again (of course). So should I just not expect anything decent from nintendo this year, besides what they've already shown?

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As always, expect nothing and be excited about what is shown.

I have been wanting a new Star Fox for a while but unlike many others I don't think another Star Fox 64 type game would do well. I think a more evolved Star Fox Assault would be better and it is what I am hoping for. I also enjoyed Star Fox Command a lot too and wouldn't mind a new game in that style. Either way I think Star Fox will be one of the better options for Nintendo to use an existing IP to embrace competitive online multiplayer. (I personally don't like playing fighting games, like Smash Bros, online because even a little lag throws the game completely unlike for shooters)

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I'd say there's like a 95% chance of Metroid, 40 for Star Fox and like maybe 2 for F Zero.

I'd genuinely be surprised to not see Metroid.

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Of course there's a chance. And my fingers are ALWAYS crossed for Metroid, but I tend to set my expectations to news about the upcoming Zelda, most E3s I don't get disappointed there (and if I do, I usually can find other things to be excited for).

Also, though not the biggest Star Fox fan, I loved Adventures and Command, and while I doubt another Adventures will ever exist, if they did try another Command, I'd be ecstatic.

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More of these threads lololololol!! Go! Metroid! Go! Star Fox! Go! FZero! Retro Studios, mothership of all that could be, bring us into the future!!! We are gamers! Not The Marios! Not The Zeldas! Nay, MetroidStarFoxFZeroForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I've gone mad!



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