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I m a Wii u system owner , i just checked online on the URL i attached you about the number of games released for each system .

Also just learned about the final title from Nintendo's side which is the '' The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild '' ( Awesome game )

First things first , in 2012 i purchased the Wii u console which was expensive for my standards , all i was expecting were the titles ( games ) to come .

Until now the system has released a really small quantity of games , making the owners of the system really sad and disappointed .

Not to mention that Nintendo literally abandoned not only the console ( Wii u ) but in truth the ones that the company betrayed were the fans and consumers of the console !!!!!!

The titles of the console are terrible to mention , only few of the games are main new titles crafted from scratch and are the ones that worth ( which is what the consoles customers were expecting ) , rest are just a bunch of recycling old console games threw emulation , so if you have counted 140 titles in total on the URL i have attached you , then how many of this titles really worth to play ?

In conclusion how much effort was put threw Nintendo company to support ( one of their history children '' Wii u '' ) their latest console threw exclusives , big name titles and use of the consoles features in general .

As a suggestion from my side i would ask Nintendo to release Switch titles on the Wii u console as well or preferably put a section of their gaming crew to make new exclusive titles for the Wii u , but no re-editions of older console games , this doesnt count as a title !!!!

In the end i want to express my emotions another once , feeling totally betrayed by Nintendo's and feeling terrible for the waste of so much money for no titles !!!!!

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@Norkitesf Not going to happen, in fact the opposite is happening. Wii U games are being released on Switch!


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of course i m updated to that !!!!

Its just so sad , mate just check on the URL i posted to see the difference in game quantity .



It's a shame that the Wii U wasn't more popular, but Nintendo is a business and it wouldn't make sense for them to stay with the Wii U and sink with it.
I think the Wii U had a pretty good library in my opinion, not sure which games you're mentioning with the emulation unless it's the virtual console. The third party support wasn't great but most people bought the Wii U for first party software.
I think Nintendo put a lot of effort into the Wii U by bringing a lot of major IPs to the system. They even took the risk to release a new IP which took full advantage of the console.
The only reason that the switch is doing so well is that one major game is being released every month, they need to keep that pace up and having a separate Wii U development team would make no sense.

I remember that people felt similar to how you do now when Nintendo left the Wii and DS behind, and yes it isn't great but that's just how it is sadly.

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I usually write WAAAAY TOO MUCH! I'll apologise now in advance.


First of all i meant Virtual console games , because i see you know more than me , its is really sad and i know you agree to , please give me a count on how man big name title games were releashed for the wii u system , dont include Virtual console ones or re-editions of old titles .

Just tell me what you think about that .

I mean 280 euros for a console back in 2012 when i purchased it , for how many titles ? Main titles , exclusives or big name games ?



@Norkitesf Well I have; Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Paper Mario Colour Splash, Pikmin 3, Pokken Tournament, Splatoon, Star Fox Zero (yuck!), Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, The Wonderful 101, and Yoshi's Woolly World. Those are just the first party games / collaborations, excluding the two Zelda remasters and any digital-only title.

I mean, there were some heavy droughts, but that was more due to the lack of third party support than first party support. I think it was pretty good for a system that failed to meet sales expectations from its first year on. I would've loved if they supported it for a little longer, but I don't think that at least 20 new games in the span of 4 years is that bad. It could've been worse I guess.



I don't think Wii U is Bad.
I still use my Wii U for BOTH play Wii U and Wii games. Browsing internet and Youtube. Sometimes, I send messages from Yahoo Mail to someone by using my Gamepad.

Treat your Wii U nicely. It will be your treasures of Nintendo yet not really success but still worthy.

My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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Wow, be happy you never owned a Jaguar or 32X then. Do not let your level of happiness be dictated by some numbers on a web page. Trust me when I tell you there are much worse things in life that can happen then a video game console not having a magic number of games released.

The other day I was talking to a friend and we agreed that the Wii U might have access to one of the largest library of games we can think of. With access to all the Wii games and WiiWare and VC, and Wii U digital games, the amount of games is huge. Just go and play some Atari games and you will see that a larger number of games released does not equal enjoyment of a console.
Besides the NES and Genesis, I do not think I have ever enjoyed a video game console as much as I did the Wii U.
In a decade or so, I bet your opinion will be different.

Buying a new product is always a risk. Be happy you did not invest in HD DVD.

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Well. It has that Zelda game and I hear that's pretty good Plus who has time to even play all the good games on WiiU to death anyways?

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I have about 20 great Wii U games. Not as much as the gamecube or wii but still not too shabby.



I'd say it was worth it for the few games that were good.



@Norkitesf WiiU is an unfortunate case. The console itself was nice. Most of us that have one really enjoyed our time with it. It was short lived...only really heavily supported for 3 years and officially discontinued in 4. The fans that bought one are the ones that get the rawest deal of the failure, but the short of it is, the console simply failed to be successful. There's many many reasons that go into that. Bad marketing, Nintendo's sluggishness to learn HD development AFTER launching the console rather than before, arrogance coming from the Wii, and an appearance/design of the console that really just did not appeal to consumers, and thus too few people bought one. The release of the PS4/XBox1 right after it came out hurt it as well. Not because they were new consoles but because those two effectively colluded with 3rd party developers to make their consoles PC compatible, and Nintendo did not properly predict that, leaving them with an incompatible design. And Nintendo scrambling to save the struggling 3DS at the cost of deferring WiiU development hurt it as well.

A lot went wrong, all at the wrong times.

The result, however, was simply, too few people bought the console. And if not enough people buy the console, they couldn't sell enough games on it to pay for making them. It's not so much a matter that they betrayed customers by quickly abandoning a console, so much as the public in general abandoned the console, so there wasn't really a justifiable reason for Nintendo to spend money supporting it rather than try again. It stinks....but what else were they going to do?

Despite it's short life, though, WiiU does have a large library. Despite the running joke that WiiU has no games, I look at my mountainous stack of games on WiiU and realize it had a lot. I have a WiiU, PS4, Vita, 3DS, Switch, and an old X360, and PS3. Until the Switch game out, my most played system was the 3DS (the mix of portability and the extensive RPG library was a big win for me). My second most played system was WiiU. PS4 remains a distant 4th, behind Switch now jumping to first.

It wasn't an ideal console. It didn't have as many games as some. And unlike other systems it was discontinued in a mere 4 years. But the time I did spend with it, it was one of my most played consoles because the games it did have were excellent. If you have your WiiU, there's still a lot of games to enjoy on it.

I think we can all appreciate how you feel if it was a large expense and turned out not to be as long a term investment as you expected. That certainly would feel awful. And maybey ou feel stuck with it. But there's still a lot of great games to play on it. Heck, Xenoblade X and Tokyo Mirage, if you're into RPGs should keep you occupied for at least the next year or so I'd also recommend both DarkSiders games which are heavily inspired by Zelda. The console may have been a lot of money, but you can still spend 4x that money on games for the system. So it can' be THAT much of a bad library, right?



Today i gave my WiiU a hug



@Hikingguy mate my problem is that Nintendo has cleared that there will be no more titles launching for the Wii u , therefore I feel sad for the fact that the console goes to waste without being filled with many titles .

I mean at least 7- 10 more titles for it ( Big name titles ) it would be something for the consumers that bought the console . I wonder how many exclusives we got for the system and how many games that worth and were first releases ?



@Waifu4Laifu please name me all the 20 games you re talking about , also I hope you re talking about new games and not remasters of remasters or recycled food .



@Norkitesf There are plenty of games for the console, it's just a shame that the console was cut short.

Even though somebody has listed most of these games, I'll try to list all that I know of that aren't remasters or err....recycled food?

1- Bayonetta 2
2- Super mario 3D world
3- Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
4- Devil's Third (was later ported to PC?, still was an exclusive at one point)
5- Lost Reavers
6- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
7- Nintendoland
8- Game and Wario
9- Mario Kart 8 (Was later ported to switch)
10- Project Zero/Fatal Frame- Maiden of Black water
11- Hyrule Warriors (later ported to 3DS)
12- Sonic Lost World (again ported to PC but was originally exclusive)
13- Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush
14- Lego City Undercover (was exclusive, ported to other consoles this year)
15- Mario and Sonic at the 2016 Olympic games (Also on 3DS)
16- Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympic games (Also on 3DS)
17- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Also on 3DS)
18- New Super Mario Bros U (Luigi U was later released)
19- Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
20- Paper Mario: Colour Splash
21- Pikmin 3
22- Pokken Tournament (Originally released in Arcades in Japan and coming to switch)
23- Scribblenauts Unlimited (Also released on 3DS and later ported to PC, iOS and Android)
24- Splatoon
25- Wii Fit U
26- Starfox Zero
27- Super Mario Maker
28- Super Smash Bros for Wii U (Also on 3DS, but there are different modes and stages)
29- Wonderful 101
30- Yoshi's Wooly World
31- Xenoblade Chronicles X
32- Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
33- ZombiU (later released on other platforms at Zombi I think..)
34- Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival (Terrible but technically counts as a new game)
35- Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Broken but exclusive)

Other games have had improved versions on Wii U with exclusive features such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Sonic and All Stars racing transformed, Warriors Orochi 3, Ect

There aren't that many remasters, I can only think of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess..

The eShop also has great (and sometimes exclusive) games if you look such as the Shantae Games, Mighty Switch force 1 and 2, Ducktales remastered (I like Wayforward if you couldn't tell ), The Cave, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, The Fall, Fast Racing Neo, Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist, Runbow and MAANNNYY more, but I'm just going to stop here

I usually write WAAAAY TOO MUCH! I'll apologise now in advance.


Nintendo didn't abandon the Wii U. They supported it for years, even though it was losing them money. Compare this to something like the PS Vita, which Sony actually abandoned very early on after it struggled to sell well overseas.

I was pretty happy with the Wii U. It's just too bad it wasn't more successful, but perhaps it was that failure that paved the way for Nintendo's more aggressive approach with the Switch. And the Switch is everything I've ever wanted in a gaming console, so it all worked out.

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We could also patch up the Titanic since it was a nice ship, but that wouldn't really be worth it.

Many in the fanbase Switched to better things, so it's time for U as well

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@Kimyonaakuma Thnx for your post , one last thing my friend , from all the list you wrote with the games , please suggest me 4 of the titles in your opinion !!!!

Thanks !



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